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Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arena – where Family Fun and Fitness come together in a whole new way! 
Our original Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arena is located in Longwood, Florida.  We introduced Central Florida to EXTREME trampoline fun!  Now we are expanding all over the United States and beyond.
Rebounderz of Longwood has over 18,300 square feet of state-of-the-art, rebounding fun!  This location is in the heart of Florida's tourism and theme park industries, and we are uniquely different from our numerous competitors.  We were the first Indoor Trampoline Arena in Florida and the ONLY Indoor Trampoline Arena with Superior Engineering and Maximum Safety. We are proud to have created an innovative way for the entire family to have fun.  

"Superior Engineering – Maximum Safety" is more than a catch phrase for us.  Rebounderz is all about quality!  The quality and superior engineering of our patented trampoline, which we call the “Jumper,” is obvious.  Every single component of the Jumper is constructed with only the highest quality materials.  Superior engineering ensures the quality of the product; the quality of that product ensures maximum safety.

Safety is what separates us from any and all competitors.  Rebounderz takes pride in ensuring that our Indoor Trampoline Arena is the safest trampoline environment for everyone. From our safety equipment to our highly trained staff, a safer trampoline experience does not exist!

We are currently offering great franchise opportunities both Nationally and Internationally.  To aid in this opportunity, we are proud to say that loans through the SmallBusinessAdministration (SBA) are available for Rebounderz Franchisees!
Our very first franchise, located in Sterling, Virginia, has over 12,000 square feet of rebounding surface on TWO Jumpers, and now features a Basketball Slam Jumper!  The entire 26,400 square foot building offers a variety of family entertainment to enhance the experience.  Rebounderz of Sterling is thriving!
Our Newport News, Virginia, location enjoys a full 34,000 square foot facility that hosts an 11,000 square foot Jumper and a Basketball Slam Jumper. Rebounderz of Newport News is off to an amazing start!

Franchises are already in various stages of planning and production in these locations:

            Gainesville, FL
            Annapolis, MD
            Columbia, MD
            Pittsburgh, PA
            Horsham, PA
            Union City, NJ
            Paramus, NJ
            East Meadow, NJ
            Long Island, NY
            Daytona, FL
            Brevard County, FL
Contact us for more Franchise information by selecting the “Contact Us” option of this site.   You will be contacted promptly and will be thoroughly informed on every aspect of becoming a proud member of the Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arena Franchise family!
Franchise opportunities are not all that we offer.  Additionally, Rebounderz provides a unique opportunity for other types of businesses, theme parks, and extreme sports-oriented locations to expand.  These businesses can enhance their facility with a Jumper from our subsidiary company, Indoor Trampoline Arena, Inc. 
We will design, engineer, and build a custom trampoline to enhance an existing business.  It is the same patented design used for all Rebounderz facilities.  There are several designs from which to choose and may be customized to just about any specification.
Contact us today for a price quote and installation timeline by visiting our Manufacturing Website, IndoorTrampolineArena.com.


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