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Pre-Opening Support
Rebounderz Franchise and Development, Inc., guides Franchisees through the pre-opening process by providing the following services.
Demographic Research - We provide detailed demographics to help the Franchisee choose the best location within their designated area.  Once a Franchisee chooses an area, we perform extensive research detailing the key demographic indicators such as population numbers by age groups, number of schools, traffic flow, median income levels, number of churches, as well as several other indicators to help ensure the location can provide enough potential customers to make the location a success.  We then compare the numbers to those of other Rebounderz location demographics to get a baseline that is used to provide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as the number of potential Jumpers, Birthday Parties, Corporate Bookings, Group Events, and Special Event Bookings.
Building Selection - We review all potential building locations and ensure that they are right for a Rebounderz before entering into any lease negotiations.  The objective is to streamline the process by eliminating buildings that are not suitable for a Rebounderz.  This allows the Franchisee to focus only on the buildings that are suitable for a Rebounderz.  Once a building is selected, we work with the Franchisee through the entire Lease signing process.  We specialize in lease negotiations.  At the request of the Franchisor, we will step in and help to close the lease with the most favorable lease provisions provided. This includes securing the most Tenant Improvement (TI) dollars possible.
Engineering Support - Once the building location is selected, we work with the Building Construction Manager, Architects, and Site Planners to ensure that the location is the optimal design.  One of the keys to success is to use as much of the Facility as possible for revenue-generating activities.  Open, unused space does not generate revenue.  Working closely with the building planners helps to ensure the Franchisee makes the best use of the space. 
We provide a full set of technical specifications that includes wiring, types of fixtures, flooring, paint, number/placement of outlets/jacks, as well as virtually everything needed to complete the build out.  These specifications ensure that each Rebounderz has the same look and feel as other locations.  We provide help with the zoning and permitting process and provide the Franchisee with as much support as necessary to make the obtaining of zoning changes and permitting a smooth and quick process.
Website and Social Media Presences - Once the Franchisee signs the Franchise Agreement, we provide a fully functional website specific to their location.  The website is built on a content management system that allows for real time updates without the need for web development expertise.  We provide 6 months of website optimization using a proven provider that is a premier Google partner.  This helps to get the Franchisee's site ranked in Google well before their first day of business.  We create a Facebook page for the location and populate  it with Rebounderz videos and pictures, allowing the Franchisee to showcase their facility well in advance of their Grand Opening.
Birthday Party and Summer Camp Bookings - We make available to the Franchisee our Birthday Party and Summer Camp booking processes so they can begin to take reservations before they open.  The goal is to have parties, events, and summer camp bookings secured before their first day of business.
Advertising Materials - We provide 5,000 Jump Certificates to the Franchisee that can be used for pre-opening marketing activities.  We help to guide the Franchisee into securing and executing marketing campaigns to showcase their new location.  Mall Kiosks, school events, and public events are key areas of concentration for this grass roots campaign.  With our help, the local community is fully aware of the new location and what it offers well in advance of the location's opening.
Technical Support - We setup and configure your Point of Sales (POS) systems and integrate them with our proprietary applications in our Corporate offices and ship them to your site ready for use.
Grand Opening Support
Rebounderz Franchise and Development, Inc., partners with the Franchisee to plan for and execute a successful Grand Opening.  In order to meet this goal, we provide the following support.
On Site Training - We send key members of our staff to ensure new Franchisee  employees are properly trained.  We send a person well versed in the POS and Proprietary applications to ensure all systems are up and running and that the Franchisee's employees are well versed in their usage.  We send a Head Referee to oversee the training of all of the Franchisee's Referees.  We send a Party/Group Event Attendant to train the Franchisee's designated Party/Group Event Attendants.  In addition, a senior member of the Rebounderz Corporate team is on site to ensure the full week of training covers all items as detailed in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
Final Pre-Opening Inspection - Before the location opens for business, a final Jumper Inspection is performed.  In addition, we perform a complete system test of the POS, Waiver Application, Jump Time Tracker, and other key applications required to ensure the successful operation of the Franchisee's facility.
First Day of Business - Key members of our team are on site for the first week of business.  We are there to help ensure the staff, systems, and processes are all working to optimum efficiencies.  If desired by the Franchisee, a member of our staff can be contracted for an additional week to continue with training, guidance, and system over sight.
On Going Support
Rebounderz Franchise and Development, Inc., provides on going support that is a step above our competition.  We support the on going operations of a Franchisee's location by providing the following functions.
Support 24/7 - Our staff is always available to answer questions and handle any technical issues that may arise.  This includes, but is not limited to, support of the POS and Proprietary applications, customer service questions/issues, and virtually any other item a Franchisee may have.
Quarterly Updates - Rebounderz Franchise and Development, Inc., provides a suite of proprietary applications including a fully automated Waiver Process, a Jump Time Tracker, a Jump Time Display, and an Online Jumper Inspection Process.  In addition we provide an Administrative Portal that allows access to reservation details, usage reports, coupon creation, special event postings, and many other processes.  All of these items are constantly undergoing improvement.  Updates to these applications are released on a quarterly basis.  Service-affecting issues are worked immediately and released to Franchise locations after extensive regression testing and application certification.
Inspections - We provide on going maintenance and operational inspections of each location.  The Jumpers have their initial inspection two months after a location is opened and every six months afterwards.  Operation inspections are provided every six months.  During each inspection, issues are documented and communicated to the Franchisee owner.  Items that were address onsite by Franchise and Development, Inc., are documented as well as any items that require follow up.  For each inspection, a detailed Inspection Report is provided.