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The Patent, New Openings, and Socks
April 2014

Rebounderz is one of the most rapidly expanding companies in the trampoline arena industry. In 2014 alone, we have been issued a US Patent and are opening three new franchises around the country. In addition, Rebounderz is making the switch from its Jump Shoes to Jump Socks.

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New Layout for Newsletter
July 2013

Rebounderz has recently partnered with the Upside Franchise Group and is moving towards being a larger, more efficient franchise! It's an exciting time for our company and we wanted our newsletter to reflect this change. Also, give a big welcome to our new Safety and Compliance Officer, Melvin Horn.

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New Quarterly Newsletter
April 2013

Multiple locations are underway with both Hurst, Texas as a new franchise location and Maple Shade, New Jersey as our first corporately-owned location.

April 2013 Newsletter

Company, No Comparison
January 2013

Rebounderz is committed to be the leader in innovations for the indoor trampoline arena industry. By providing our customers with new cutting edge innovations, we are able to increase the safety and overall experience for our guests.

January 2013 Newsletter

Rebounderz Will Be Opening Three New Locations In The Upcoming Summer
November 2012

We were privilaged to host the ASTM meeting, and we also have new evolving idea's in development by attending the IAAPA Expo here in Orlando, FL.

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Rebounderz Opens Three New Locations In 60 Days
October 2012

Both Rebounderz Corporate and Franchisees have all been busy these past few months with the completion of three new Rebounderz locations.

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Rebounderz Opens is Jacksonville by the end of September
September 2012

After a recent successful grand opening in Edison, New Jersey, Rebounderz Franchise and Development, Inc. is working hard to open the next location in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Rebounderz Grand Openings And Achievements
August 2012

Come see our latest developments and franchises coming soon!

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Rebounderz Upcoming Locations
July 2012

The growth of Rebounderz is rapidly progressing with new locations.

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F24 TC Standards Go To Ballot
June 2012

The first version of the trampoline court safety standards have been completed with the help of Rebounderz and sent to the ballots for voting.

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Rebounderz See's Continued Growth
May 2012

We are proud to announce Will Laurence of Arlington, Texas will be joining the Rebounderz family. Will has signed his area agreement and will be opening his Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arena in Arlington, Texas.

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 Rebounderz is now SBA Approved
April 2012

Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arena is now SBA approved. The approval of the Small Business Administration will make it eaiser for potential franchisees to obtain financing via SBA loans.

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Rebounderz Would Like You To Know That Joba Chamberlain Did Not Get Injured At Rebounderz, But At A Non-Rebounderz Brand Trampoline Arena
By Barry Petchesky
Mar 27, 2012 12:10 PM


Rebounderz Corporate Opens New Office.
March 2012

The new Rebounderz Corporate Office will serve as the hub for all Rebounderz business.

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Rebounderz Edison - Even Bigger!
February 2012

The residents of Edison, New Jersey have a lot to be excited about. One of our newest franchise locations has stepped up from its original 31,000 ft2 design to a sprawling 51,000 ft2. Rebounderz Edison is on track to be a prime example of what a Rebounderz franchise can and should be.

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Rebounderz CEO, Mark Gurley, Joins ASTM International and Global Amusement Ride Safety Standards F-24 Safety Commission
January 2012, Jo Palladino
Rebounderz CEO, Mark Gurley, has joined the prestigious ASTM International and Global Amusement Ride Safety Standards F-24 Safety Commission.  This Commission sets the standards for all amusement ride and amusement type environment system guidelines that can safely accommodate the broadest segment of the population.  These are standards that have been adopted and used as a model by local and state jurisdictions throughout the United States and the world.
Because of Mr. Gurley’s innovative patented trampoline exoskeleton design and construction, the trampoline industry has been revolutionized.  His design is unquestionably the safest.  Since the amusement sector of industry is one of constant adaptation and creation, safety is always of the utmost concern.  The members of the F-24 Safety Commission have helped establish standards on design and manufacture, testing, operation, maintenance, inspection, and quality assurance.  All of these elements ensure the safety and integrity of the amusement industry.  All of these elements of the F-24 Safety Commission have been a part of the Rebounderz business model from the very onset.  Integrity, safety, quality, and revolutionary design are exactly why Mr. Gurley was invited to join.

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Rebounderz Franchise and Development Inc.

Fall 2011 – Volume 06

Rebounderz of Newport News Newport News will open for business on Nov 19th, 2011. Everyone is waiting for the Soft Opening and it looks like it is going to be great. The Official Grand Opening will follow after the Thanksgiving Holidays. The Trampoline “Jumper” is over 10,000 sq ft of rebounding surface.


Rebounderz Franchise and Development Inc.

Fall 2011 – Volume 05

Rebounderz of Newport News Final preparations are under way for the Newport News VA location. They will open for business in a few more weeks and then the City of Newport News will have a great new family entertainment center right in the center of the city.


Rebounderz Franchise and Development Inc.

Fall 2011 – Volume 04

Grand Opening In Newport News Virginia Our Newport News Virginia location is scheduled to open in the coming months with much anticipation from the local community. City officials are working with Rebounderz of Newport News to make this great location a reality. A state of the art building and our largest single Jumper to date!


Rebounderz Franchise and Development Inc.

Summer 2011 – Volume 03

Rebounderz of Sterling This new 26,000 foot state-of-the-art facility is a showcase of what Rebounderz is all about. Many improvements were made along the way during the process of constructing this masterpiece of ingenuity and innovation.


Rebounderz Franchise and Development Inc.

Summer 2011 – Volume 02

Rebounderz to open a second franchise location in Virginia Newport News, Virginia has joined the ranks of new locations scheduled to open this year. With the acquisition of a spectacular building, they are going to open this Sept 2011.


Rebounderz Franchise and Development Inc.

Summer 2011 – Volume 01

Rebounderz Franchise and Development is Experiencing Exponential Growth In the worst recession known to our generation, Rebounderz Founders took a huge risk and created a highly successful business from concept to completion.




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