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Computers and Systems

RFD provides all of the computers required to run all aspects of a Rebounderz location.  These computers include:

  • (1) Jump Time Tracker Check-in / Check-out with Touchscreen Monitor
  • (4) Waiver Kiosks PC (used by customers in the location to complete Online Waivers.)
  • (3) GateMaster Point of Sales (POS) Systems
  • (1) Application Server (used for POS and running Rebounderz internal applications.)
  • (1) Back Office Manager PC
  • (1) One Jump Time Tracker
  • (1) Jump Time Display PC

RFD provides for the full installation and setup of the PCs including the POS system and Application Server.

Jump Time Tracker

The Jump Time Tracker is used at the Helmet and Shoe area to check out helmet and bracelet number for real-time tracking.  Instead of customers only being able to go out to the Jumper at pre-assigned slots, the Jump Time Tracker allows for any customer at any time to go to the Jumper.  This helps to maximize jump time and helps to maintain a constant flow of customers.

Jump Time Tracker

Jump Time Display

The Jump Time Display application is viewable through TVs located in or near the Jumper.  It receives information from the Jump Time Tracker.  It provides customers, Management, and Referees with a real-time view of the number of customers on the Jumper and which numbers have used all of their time.  Referees or Front Desk staff then use this display to call off customers by number from the Jumper where they are then checked-in using the Jump Time Tracker.

Jump Time Display

Internal Waiver Process

The Internal Waiver process allows customers to enter their waiver online and sign for them electronically using Topaz Signature pads.  This process captures 100% of information in a
database which can then be used for marketing, mass mails, repeat customer information, and demographics based upon zip codes. 
The Franchisee is able to see where their customer are coming from and can then target additional advertising to areas that do not have as high of a location visit rate.  In addition, the Internal Waiver process and the External Waiver process capture referral information that can be used to determine what types of marketing campaigns are working and which ones are not.

Internal Waiver Process

External Waiver Process

The External Waiver Process is used by customers at home to complete electronic waivers.  These waivers can then be activated using the Waiver Finder Application either by a paper waiver that is printed and brought to the location or by signing electronically once they arrive at the location. External Waivers are loaded from the internet database into the locations database every 15 minutes to ensure there is a corresponding waiver in the Waiver Finder for every customer arriving who has completed the External Waiver process.

External Waiver Process

Waiver Finder Application

The Waiver Finder applications allows for the real-time activation of both Electronic and Paper Waivers.  Once activated, these waivers are good for 1 year. The Waiver Finder application automatically expires waivers that are over a year old, thereby removing this labor intensive task from Management. The Waiver Finder also can be used to search for and produce Waivers that are Active and Expired.  This is important for finding and producing Waivers that may be needed for insurance purposes.  In addition, the Waiver Finder eliminates the need to scan paper waiver as well as the need to retrieve a files paper waiver.  These two items save enormous amounts of manual labor and provides greater customer satisfaction because a waiver can always be found quickly and easily. 
In addition, the Waiver Finder fully integrates into the GateMaster POS.  When a waiver is activated, a customer record is created in the POS system. Sales can then be tied to individuals and a full set of robust reporting is made available from both Rebounderz Proprietary applications as well as many GateMaster POS canned reports.  Owners and Management have a full real-time view of their sales, customers usage, and demographic data.

Waiver Finder

Online Birthday and Summer Camp Reservations

RFD provides customers with several online process that allow for online bookings of Birthday parties and summer camp visits.  These reservation feed directly into a powerful web-based administrative tools located at  Once the reservation are made, employees and management use the site to up-sell the bookings, confirm the party details, and to print a business day’s itinerary.

Online Birthday Party Reservation System

Online Summer Camp Reservation System is a web-based suite of applications accessible from both inside and outside a Rebounderz location.  It is security / user role based and provides several layers of users privileges including Owner, Manager, Assistant Manager, and Employee.  These defined user roles have access to different areas of the site.  For example, only Owners can view information pertaining to Royalty Payments while Managers and Employees can access the online Jumper Inspection Process. provides many functions including:

  • User Administration
  • Birthday Administration
  • Business Hour Administration
  • Online Inspection Process
  • Royalty Payments
  • Pricing Sheet Upload Process
  • Special Event Postings
  • Custom Coupon Creation
  • Summer Camp Administration - Main Screen - User Administration Screen – Birthday Administration Screen – Business Hours Administration – Coupon Administration – Online Inspection Process – Pricing Sheet Upload – Special Event Postings – Summer Camp Administration

Gatemaster POS

Gatemaster is the preferred POS vendor for all RFD Franchisee locations.  Gatemaster is an industry leader because of their functionality as well as their pricing model.  Unlike other POS provides, Gatemaster does not charge ongoing licensing fees or support fees.  The system is purchased and owned by the Franchisee through RFD.  In addition, RFD has performed a great amount of system integration with Gatemaster so every customer that has a Waiver in the Waiver Finder has a corresponding Gatemaster account.  This allows for the use of a single system, Gatemaster, after the initial waiver activation.
RFD completed extensive research into POS systems and chose Gatemaster because of several reasons, including:

  • The Franchisee owns the software. There is no on-going license or required yearly support fees.
  • The Franchisee owns the data including complete access to the database.
  • No per ticket charge. Gatemaster does not take a cut of the Franchisee’s business.
  • The Franchisee can add their own prices, merchandise and tickets anytime. No need to call Gatemaster when a change is required.
  • No toggling between programs. All point-of-sale functions are easily accessible from a seamless all-inclusive program.
  • All features are included. There is no need to buy multiple modules for each computer to get the features you want.
  • The main screen displays availability in real time. All point-of-sale stations instantly display updates as cashiers sell tickets or make reservations.
  • The main screen displays the customer photo. Scan a season pass or membership card on any point-of-sale station – their photo appears to aid verification.
  • Built-in cashless system. Customers can use a re-chargeable card, wristband or gift certificate instead of currency at point-of-sale and Smartgate stations.
  • Built-in call center. Your sales team can schedule events, hold tickets for Will-call, issue Consignment tickets and send e-tickets.
  • No location is too large or too small. Gatemaster is installed in facilities of all sizes all over the world.
  • Since 1994 Gatemaster has been tested and used in all types of high volume environments. Gatemaster has a proven track record.
  • Gatemaster is a "live system". We constantly add features.