The Increasing Toy Market Could Damage Your Child’s Health

Could Toys Be Harming Your Child’s Development? Almost all children in America have at least one toy. For some, a closet full of them. Despite the belief that electronics would take over children’s main form of entertainment, this is not true. Children still have a strong affinity for toys and ask their parents purchase them… read more

Ways to Save Money for Kids Birthday Parties

Saving Cash During Birthday Season For some parents, money can run tight, which only makes birthdays more stressful. But, have no fear! Instead of angsting about the money you have to spend, digging through your couch for loose change, or whatever other methods you use to scrounge up quick cash; there is an easier way!… read more

7 Great Party Games for Adults

Let Out Your Inner-Child! Bounce! It used to be that adults had to always be serious about life. ‘Fun’ was reserved just for children, and there wasn’t enough time for adults to partake in anything other than their responsibilities. At Rebounderz, our indoor trampoline parks are available to all who wish to have a fun… read more

How Sports Improves Sportsmanship

With the 2018 Winter Olympics a little less than two weeks away, it is easy to get into the competitive spirit. Any parents have probably wondered if their child is the next Olympic star that will one day be medaled a victor. In truth, any child can be an Olympic champion if they train and… read more

How Rebounderz Helps You Conquer Fear

How To Get Over Fear In many ways, fear is an essential part of being alive. We need fear to alert us if something is wrong or to keep us from hurting ourselves. Fear is a primal instinct, deep-rooted within all of us. In the animal kingdom, fear keeps certain species from being eaten and… read more

Benefits of Rebounderz

Who wouldn’t want to play for an afternoon? At Rebounderz of Sterling, Virginia, we offer many different types of attractions that encourage your youngsters be active and play. Though our attractions are active-intensive, they are also extremely fun and can include everyone! Our attractions, such as our trampoline arena, our ninja warrior course, our dodgeball… read more

Spending Money on Experiences Not Materials

We think Madonna said it best when she claimed, “We are living in a material world.” Much of how we, as humans, determine success is by the wealth we accumulate and the materials we can purchase with those riches. If you think solely on the ideal of materials being “success” you will rarely ever find… read more

How Important is Child Interaction?

When you have multiple children, your kids grow up well adjusted to interacting with other children. This ability to communicate and problem solve with others is crucial to human development. Mostly because as we grow older we rely heavily on these skills to be successful in life. The best way to hone your communication skills… read more

The Importance of Play

A child’s ability to freely play is crucial to their development. When children are allowed to play it allows for optimal development in cognitive, physical, and emotional development. Though some may claim that play can be frivolous, to a child that time of freedom and creativity pays off in the long run. It has actually… read more

Rebounderz: How are Trampolines Made?

  Your kids ask you a lot of difficult questions. Some, harder to answer than others. For example, the feared “birds and bees” question. Every parent anticipates the day that their children ask, “How are babies made?” You know the answer, but you don’t want to tell them! However, your kids can also ask you… read more