The Importance of Play

A child’s ability to freely play is crucial to their development. When children are allowed to play it allows for optimal development in cognitive, physical, and emotional development. Though some may claim that play can be frivolous, to a child that time of freedom and creativity pays off in the long run. It has actually… read more

Rebounderz: How are Trampolines Made?

  Your kids ask you a lot of difficult questions. Some, harder to answer than others. For example, the feared “birds and bees” question. Every parent anticipates the day that their children ask, “How are babies made?” You know the answer, but you don’t want to tell them! However, your kids can also ask you… read more

Fun Kids Birthday Party Games

Birthday parties are supposed to be fun. But think about it; as a kid, what could be the most dreaded part about having all of your friends over for your birthday party? Even with all of the cake, all of the presents, and all of the friends and family, there is still that one lingering… read more

Jump ‘n’ Jam at Rebounderz!

Jump ‘n’ Jam at Your Local Rebounderz Hey Teens! Your Friday Night Just Got An Upgrade… Your Friday nights are significant.They mean the end of a long week of work or school, or perhaps even both. It is the one night of the week where you can forget about your responsibilities, homework, school, and even… read more

Planning Your Event At Rebounderz

Deciding when to host your kid’s birthday parties is just one part of the planning aspect. Of course, you should always try to get as close to their actual birth date as possible. But you also have to consider other factors, such as: Is it a school night? Is it a weekend? Are there any… read more

Kids Birthday Party Planning Tips

As your kids get older, the planning process for their birthday parties will start to become more extravagant. That’s because, as we know, kids want what they want; and compromise is rarely on the table. However, planning your kids’ birthday parties doesn’t have to be stressful or painful. With a few prior proper planning techniques,… read more

Want to Jump Higher? Part 2

Have you ever wondered how high you could jump if you worked at it? At Rebounderz, we help people realize just how high they can go. However, as we said in our last blog, some people can jump higher than others. Their muscles are just more used to that explosive motion. How do they do… read more

Want to Jump Higher? Part 1

Most people don’t understand how impressive the ability to jump really is. The ability to propel yourself up off the surface of the planet is actually really great. Sure, we can’t stay up in the air too long, but the fact that we can fight the gravity of a massive planet is no small thing.… read more

Want to Jump Higher?

People jump for all different reasons. They jump because they’re surprised, excited, angry, or trapped on one side of a rain-filled gutter. While pretty much all of your muscles contribute at least a little to a jump, some muscles play bigger roles than others. If you want to jump higher, all you have to do… read more

What Happens When You Jump?

Most of us begin life just trying to support the weight of our own heads. With a lot of work, we progress to crawling, then walking, then running. Jumping usually comes along at some point, and it not only helps us get over puddles, it can be tons of fun. However, though jumping is awesome… read more