General Questions


Q What do I do if a parent of a child isn’t going to attend the party? Please make sure the child’s parent has completed their waiver on our website prior to the party, we will verify the childs information when they arrive. It is not necessary for a child’s parent to accompany them to the party. Click here to fill out a waiver.

Q How do I schedule a Rebounderz Party?
It’s easy! Click the “Parties” tab on our webpage, select “Birthday Parties” from the drop down menu. You will find all information related to our parties on this page. If you’re ready to book, click the button that says, “Click here to book your party.” You will be taken to our online store where you can proceed with your party booking. You may also call us at 407-966-3434

Q Will we have to share the trampoline or party room with anyone else?
One of the great benefits of Rebounderz is that we provide you a private party room with a dedicated party host for the duration of your two hour party. The arena will be occupied by other party goers and jumpers, while your party is in progress. We are not able to block off the entire arena, nor do we block sections of our trampolines for birthday parties. This is to ensure your party guests get the most out of their jumping time with us. We have many different trampoline options for your party guests to explore, and isolating them to one area would certainly limit the fun.

Q How many guests can I invite?
Our party rooms can comfortably seat 30 small children, 24 teens/adults.

Q What time should my guest’s and I arrive at the party?
We ask that you and your party guests arrive 10-­15 minutes prior to your scheduled party time to ensure your party starts at your reserved time.

Q Do I need to stay at the party?
The guest of honor’s parents are required to stay at the party. Other adults are also welcome to stay and enjoy the fun!

Q Can we have our party festivities before jumping?
Because we’ve found that full tummies and jumping don’t mix, our parties begin on the trampolines.

Q Will there be a Rebounderz staff member available to assist me in the party room?
Yes, each party is assigned a dedicated party host so the parents can relax and enjoy the party!

Q Can I use my own decorations and/or paper products in the party room?
We believe you’ll find our party rooms to be quite festive, and we do use paper products color coordinated to each party room. However, you’re welcome to bring additional decorations and/or paper products. To preserve the integrity of our party rooms, we do not permit wall or ceiling decorations, streamers, silly string, confetti, glitter or piñatas.

Q Do you provide party room set up and clean up?
Absolutely! We will set up the party room and clean up afterwards. It’s our pleasure to serve you on your special day! However, management reserves the right to assess a $50 excessive clean up charge for party rooms that are “trashed” or “damaged” due to lack of parental control.

Q Are gratuities (tips) appropriate?
We believe a gratuity is offered in “gratitude” for good service…..Gratuities for our staff are always welcome if they provide you with excellent service, but are always at your discretion.

Q What are the beverages you offer in the party room?
Please visit our Parties and Celebrations page for more information on our party customization options.

Q Are there options that I can add to make my party even more special?
Yes. We can provide you with balloons, food, beverages, arcade cards, and party favors (additional charges apply).

Q When should I order food, beverages, balloons, & other options?
We will contact you (e-­mail or phone) typically 1 week prior to your party to confirm your guest count. At that time, you’ll have an opportunity to customize your party as much as you’d like.

Q Can I bring food to my party?
You may bring cake, or cupcakes. We’re sorry, but no other outside food is permitted.Management reserves the right to assess a $75 outside food fee for violation of this policy.

Q What if fewer/more kids show up on the day of the party? We will make sure all of your party guests are able to participate in the jumping activities (assuming a valid waiver is on file) if you have more than originally anticipated. Our base party package includes jump time for 10 people, and you will only be charged for any jumpers over that number. However, all food orders are placed in advance and cannot be lowered based on the day of your party. We will do our best to accommodate additional food options at the time of the party, time and availability permitting.

Q What is your party cancellation policy?
To cancel or reschedule your party, you must do so by email at least 14 days in advance of your party date to avoid additional charges.Deposits are non-refundable within 14 days of the party. Cancellations or reschedules within 14 days of your party date are subject to an additional $100 charge; however, your initial $100 deposit will be applied to a future party if rescheduled within 30 days of the original party date.Parties who do not call to cancel or reschedule within 72 hours of the party, or who do not show up for the scheduled party, will be charged the full amount of the party.

Q Do you have a refrigerator or freezer for my cake?
Yes, we have a refrigerator and freezer where we can store your cake.

Q What is your inclement weather policy?
A lot of planning and preparation goes into creating a great party experience for you. It is very rare that we will close and cancel your party. We are usually open even when school activities and community centers close. In the very rare case that we must close due to SEVERE weather conditions; it is our policy to charge you for the party you have scheduled, but provide you with a 30-day window to rebook your party. We will communicate with you as early as possible (via email or phone) in the event that Rebounderz Apopka is required to close for safety reasons. To determine operating status during inclement weather you may call 407-966-3434

General Questions

Q Are all guests required to have a completed/signed waiver?
All participants must complete and sign a waiver (for those 17 and under, waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian). For your convenience, family members aged 17 years or younger may be included on the same waiver. You may fill out our waiver online or when you arrive at Rebounderz. Click here to fill out a waiver.

Q When is open jump time?
Open jump is available anytime during our operating hours. However, parties and other special events such as Neon Nightz may impact the amount of open jump available. Since the weekends are our most popular time for parties, we recommend you use our online reservation system to pre-purchase jump time for the open jump times we have available. Weekend guests who do not reserve/pre-purchase jump tickets may be subject to a waiting until jump time becomes available.

Q It asks for my credit card, is this information secure?

Our web site utilizes data encryption software that automatically encrypts information as it is submitted to our server for your safety. All personal and credit card information we receive is stored on a secure server until the event is complete, at that time the information is deleted from the system.

Q Are socks required?
Rebounderz Grip Socks are required for all participants and can be purchased for $3.00. They are washable and reusable for your next visit.

Q Will Rebounderz provide supervision on the trampolines?
Our fun and friendly referees will provide supervision on the trampolines so you can relax and enjoy yourself. Sit down in the Café, enjoy a drink, and our staff will do everything possible to ensure your children’s safety!

Q Can a guest jump while wearing a cast?
Typically a child can jump with a cast under the following conditions:

The cast is approaching its removal date (2 weeks or less) and the cast or splint has no protruding areas that could damage the trampolines. Please note, a child’s center of gravity and mass may be affected by the cast so parents must keep this in mind when making a decision about their jumping abilities. Rebounderz Apopka reserves the right for the manager on duty to decide whether it’s safe for the child to jump.

Q Can I spend more than the designated jump time on the trampolines?

For open jumping, additional time is permitted for an additional charge. For party guests, we do not allow additional time on the trampolines.

Q What is the refund policy for reserved/pre-purchased jump tickets?

Pre-purchased/reserved jump tickets (30-minute jump, 60-minute jump, Neon Nightz and other miscellaneous events are non-refundable. We cannot guarantee the availability the full purchased amount of jump time if you do not check in at the stated pre-purchased/reserved jump time. Rescheduling of pre-purchased/reserved jump time is at the discretion of Rebounderz Apopka management and is based on jump time availability.

Q What is your privacy policy?

Rebounderz ® is committed to protecting your identity when purchasing a birthday party, event, or filling out a waiver online. Our Web site utilizes data encryption software that automatically encrypts information as it is submitted to our server for your safety. All personal and credit card information we receive is stored on a secure server until the event is complete. At that time the information is deleted from the system; waiver information stays stored on our secure server for ease of renewal.

Furthermore, all personal and credit card information we collect does not get rented or sold to third party agencies for advertising or marketing purposes. All information we collect stays within Rebounderz ® and is used for billing and legal purposes along with internal marketing efforts .

The information we collect allows us to better serve you with pertinent information such as order confirmation and order status updates.