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How a Trampoline Can Be Good For Your Toddler

Trampolines and Toddlers Though it may seem like trampolines and toddlers would not mix well, they actually make a beneficial pair. The thought process, for most parents, is that trampolines are dangerous and meant for older children, such as six-year-olds. On the contrary, studies have shown that trampolines are actually good for toddlers and provide… read more

Where Can You Use Foam Cubes?

The Modern Marvel: The Foam Pit In any fun zone, gymnastics stadium, or even indoor trampoline park you have probably seem a foam pit. The idea of a foam pit is simple; you run, you jump, and you land in safely in the foam. Yes, that’s it. Despite the simplicity of the attraction, it is… read more

Baking Different Types of Birthday Cakes

Making a Birthday Cake One way to significantly lower the amount of money you’re currently spending on your child’s birthday party is to bake your own cake. Now, before you gasp with shock, let us explain why making the cake is a good idea. When making the birthday cake, you don’t have to worry about… read more

Your Kid’s Birthday Party Checklist

Party Checklist You kid’s birthday party is a big deal. After all, it is celebrating another year of their life and their childhood. Your child only has one birthday a year, which is why it is important to make that day as special as possible. However, just because you want the day to be special… read more

Party Games for Kids and Adults

Though Rebounderz is mostly known as a destination for children to play and jump for an afternoon, our doors remain open to all that wish to jump with joy. We believe that age is just a number, and if you would like to participate in the fun with your kids, you are more than welcome.… read more

Rebounderz Makes Babysitting Easy

  When you are a nanny, you want to provide kids with enough entertainment that will last an evening and tire them out for the night. Kids have a lot of energy and most times nannies cannot keep up. This is especially apparent during bedtime when they are wild and you just want them to… read more

Our Ninja Warrior Course Can Inspire Imagination

At one point in time you must have thought it would be cool to be a ninja. Whether you thought of it as a kid watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or when you were older, watching movies like Mortal Kombat or American Ninja. Ninjas are undoubtedly cool, that opinion doesn’t change from when you are… read more

Birthday Venues Dos and Don’t

When planning your kid’s birthday, there are a lot of factors you must consider, such as what the theme should be, what to serve, and what party games to plan. Aside from all of these different decisions, you also need to make the most important decision: where to have the party. Choosing a party venue… read more

How Rebounderz is Good for Your Sanity Part 1

It takes a special kind of parent to host their child’s party in their home: a brave one. Children are messy, loud, and have too much energy. You might have enough anxiety just taking care of your own kids, let alone 10 others. The idea of hosting your daughter or sons’ birthday sounds like a… read more

Games for a Trampoline

Though you may think Trampolines are just used for generic bouncing, you are sorely mistaken. There are so many different games available to play on a trampoline. The following is a list of trampoline games that you can play at your local Newport Rebounderz.   Dodgeball This beloved sport has been around for almost two… read more