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Why Role-Playing is Healthy For Children

Role Playing Is Healthy for Children

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” -Albert Einstein Role-Playing Is Healthy For Children Einstein was one of the greatest minds of all time and he understood the importance… read more

Kids’ Recreation Newport News: Activities to Occupy a Energetic Child

Activities to Occupy an Energetic Child

Activities for an Overactive Kid Energy is what can separate parents from their children. Kids have a sense of youth and explorations that parents typically grow out of. If you have an overactive child, it is best to encourage this type of behavior. Overactive children are far more curious, athletic, and enjoy the adventures of… read more

Why Routines Are Important to Healthy Development

The Positive Aspects of Routines Your child’s life is full of new things. Every day, they learn new skills that can improve their lives. However, the one skill that is the most beneficial to them is often the one that they don’t notice. Adhering to routines is a necessary skill for children to develop in… read more

Treating Your Anxiety With a Trampoline Park

Treating Your Anxiety With a Trampoline Park

Anxiety in America and Your Natural Treatment Options 18.1 percent of the American population suffers from some sort of anxiety disorder. There are many different types of anxiety disorders, all ranging in severity. But, despite the prevalence of anxiety disorders in the US, only 36.9 percent receive treatment for their disorders. Treatment can come in… read more

How Our Indoor Trampoline Park Can Give You Confidence

How Our Indoor Trampoline Park Can Give You Confidence

Trampolines That Create Confidence Trampolines can help you build up your self-confidence. Well, perhaps not literally, but Rebounderz offers kids a way to build their confidence, communication skills, and negotiation skills. As summer draws to an end, many children look to school with anticipation and excitement. Going back to school can mean that they can… read more

Use Our Trampoline Park to Face Your Fears

Use Our Trampoline Park To Face Your Fears

How a Trampoline Can Help Face Fears Facing your fears can be difficult. Fear, in many ways, keeps us safe and protected. Our ancestors used fear as a way to survive and stay away from plants, animals, and other nomads that could hurt them. But, as we have developed, the human race has adapted and… read more

Bonding Experiences with Your Step-Children

Bonding With Your New Family Members Nearly 50 percent of American families are remarried or re-coupled. Because so many couples remarry there are a lot of families that must handle the new parent/step-child dynamic. This relationship can be tricky, especially when the children are already grown up knowing and respecting another parent. As a step-parent,… read more

How a Trampoline Can Be Good For Your Toddler

Trampolines and Toddlers Though it may seem like trampolines and toddlers would not mix well, they actually make a beneficial pair. The thought process, for most parents, is that trampolines are dangerous and meant for older children, such as six-year-olds. On the contrary, studies have shown that trampolines are actually good for toddlers and provide… read more

Where Can You Use Foam Cubes?

The Modern Marvel: The Foam Pit In any fun zone, gymnastics stadium, or even indoor trampoline park you have probably seem a foam pit. The idea of a foam pit is simple; you run, you jump, and you land in safely in the foam. Yes, that’s it. Despite the simplicity of the attraction, it is… read more

Baking Different Types of Birthday Cakes

Baking Different Types of Birthday Cakes

Making a Birthday Cake One way to significantly lower the amount of money you’re currently spending on your child’s birthday party is to bake your own cake. Now, before you gasp with shock, let us explain why making the cake is a good idea. When making the birthday cake, you don’t have to worry about… read more