Patented and Proud

Rebounderz currently holds patents for its Exoskeleton Jumper design (U.S. Patent # 8,657,696) which was granted on February 25, 2014,  (U.S. Patent #8,764,575) which was granted on July of 2014, and (U.S. Patent No. 9,149,674) which was granted October 6, 2015.  Rebounderz grants all franchisees and affiliates of Rebounderz permission to use the exclusive rights to the patents that cover the Exoskeleton on the trampoline jumpers.

Rebounderz Through Rebounderz Franchise And Development Inc. And Indoor Trampoline Arena LLC Are The Only Companies In The United States To Hold Patents On Trampoline Arenas.

Rebounderz’ unique Exoskeleton design made the patent possible, as other companies in the industry began by using individual trampolines secured with chains and tie-downs. Those companies now employ cable support systems, as well as other designs like the Rebounderz’ Exoskeleton.  The trampoline arena designed by Rebounderz is a solid, rigid-walled, freestanding structure and provides a sturdier and longer lasting jumping environment.  Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arenas are the finest commercial trampolines available in the market. The superior engineering of their structure, now bolstered by the issuance of U.S. patents, coupled with quality safety padding, safety procedures, and personnel training, has all placed Rebounderz in a class of its own when it comes to indoor trampoline park equipment, family entertainment centers, family adventure parks and extreme fun center attractions.

All Rebounderz and Indoor Trampoline Arena Inc. attractions are engineered and developed according to ASTM F2970 Standards and made in the USA.