Celebrate the Holidays With Rebounderz!

Giving experiences instead of things — because really, who needs more stuff? — is a holiday tradition more and more families are adopting and Rebounderz is the perfect place to get started!   Celebrate the coming new year by giving experiences instead of material things this holiday season — from traveling to exciting locations to… read more

Avoid Winter Hibernation and Get Active With Rebounderz!

It can be hard to stay motivated and active in the winter when all you want to do is cozy up and hibernate until spring. Stay motivated with Rebounderz indoor trampoline park! Staying active in the summer months — especially in Sunrise — is effortless. Between surfing and swimming, moving is mindless! And then rolls… read more

Rebounderz – An All-Inclusive Place to Bounce

Rebounderz supports kids with autism and provides a safe and therapeutic place to play!   Kids who are on the autism spectrum face social challenges and sensory concerns including light, sound, taste, and touch, but what about their physical activity, does it suffer as a result of these things? Kids on the spectrum find it… read more

Stay (Mentally) Healthy With Rebounderz

The first week in October kicks off Mental Health Awareness Week, and while adults have many resources to help sort through their feelings and emotional health, teenagers may not know how to communicate or have the language to identify what they are experiencing, which makes mental health awareness even more crucial for this age group.… read more

Bounce Back-To-School In Confidence! (Part Two)

In part one, we began looking into building confidence to help guide your child in the upcoming school year. We’ll continue the conversation today with even more ways Rebounderz Sunrise can help build confidence!     Rebounderz Cultivates Confidence Through Helping Others   How great does it feel when you can help someone else out?… read more

Bounce Back-To-School In Confidence! (Part One)

The summers for kids are spent unstructured where they can roam wild and free, so naturally, going back to school can foster feelings of anxiety around the upcoming school year. Each new season of school ushers a certain amount of uncertainty that freshly challenges them intellectually, socially, and emotionally. After a long summer, it can… read more

9 Tips for Preparing Your Child For School

While there’s still some time left to enjoy summer vacation, the school year is just around the corner. Whether you have a little one getting ready for their first year in school or you have a kiddo that’s a bit older but still apprehensive, there are things you can do to help them get the… read more

6 Unhealthy Kids Snacks to Avoid

Making sure your kids are eating well can be a difficult task. Between misleading packaging and aggressive marketing campaigns, many snacks proudly proclaim their health benefits, when it couldn’t be farther from the truth. With this in mind, we’ve gathered six of the most unhealthy “healthy” snacks you should avoid giving your kids. Don’t worry,… read more

How Obstacle Courses Help Kids

Obstacle courses have been around for ages, providing fun and excitement for kids and training opportunities for adults. At Rebounderz in Sunrise, we’re proud of our Ninja Warrior obstacle course that gives kids and adults alike a chance to live out their ninja dreams. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the… read more

Making Your Child’s Birthday Party One to Remember

When you’re putting together a kid’s birthday party, you want to make it a memorable one that they’ll enjoy. However, it can feel pretty overwhelming with the large amount of different possible activities, meals, treats, and presents you can choose. To help make this process a bit easier, we’ve gathered some of the best ways… read more