Grand Rapids

Great Books For Kids

Every parent has one thing in common; they want the very best for their kids. And there is a lot to prepare them for to get them ready for the real world. Since there is no guidebook, this can often be overwhelming. One of the best things you can do for your child is instill… read more

Boy’s Birthday Party Themes

When you have your boy’s birthday party here at Rebounderz in Grand Rapids, you can go wild with your birthday party themes. We know not all boys are Ninja Warrior or Guardians of the Galaxy fanatics, although we love those themes. We’re taking a broader approach here, and we’ve organized ideas based on other things… read more

Ninja Obstacle Course Learning Benefits

  You want your kids to have a great birthday. You want their friends to have a lot of fun, and you’d probably like their parents to be happy with the experience. But, you don’t want a house full of sugared-up, hyper kids with no focus or organized activities.   You may also want the… read more

Benefits of Family Play Time

Spending fun time with your family shouldn’t feel like a chore. But with everyone being so busy, the kids involved in different activities across town from each other, and no one home for dinner at the same time, it can start to feel like one. That’s a shame. Don’t let that happen to your family.… read more

Party Like You are a Kid Again at Rebounderz

Just because you are technically a grownup, that doesn’t mean you always have to act like one. Who’s to say what “acting like an adult” means anyway? Define it for yourself. You know that a trampoline arena with a basketball slam, arcade, Jump Xtreme tower, Ninja Warrior course and open jump arena is the perfect… read more

Basketball Tips For Parents

Here at Rebounderz, we are big proponents of getting kids into team sports when they show an interest. There are a whole host of benefits to joining a sports team during your formative years when the environment is positive. Generally, you can leave the important lessons about teamwork, winning, and following authority to the coaches… read more

How To Teach Kids To Set Goals

Raising a child is maybe the hardest thing a person can do. Each kid will have different needs, there is no rule book, and life won’t wait for a parent to catch up. But there is nothing more satisfying than nurturing your child into a card carrying, responsible adult. Part of doing that involves teaching… read more

Fun Birthday Party Theme Ideas

We only get maybe 18 birthdays per little one! Then, they aren’t little any more. As parents, it’s up to us to make them count! Nobody knows our little kiddos better than us, so it’s important to choose a birthday theme that will have them squealing with laughter, and also make for some good pictures.… read more

Isaac Caldiero: American Ninja Warrior Winner

If you’ve never seen American Ninja Warrior, then clear your schedule and order some pizza, because you’re in for a whole new type of television show. It is a spinoff remake of a Japanese television show called “Sasuke”, more commonly recognized around the world as Ninja Warrior. In this show, contestants compete to finish a… read more

Benefits of Team Sports for Kids

Team sports have been a staple of American life for centuries. Healthy competition in a social setting can provide a host of benefits for young, growing minds. While we are big fans of the classics (baseball, football, basketball, etc.), our growing population of little ones may need a little more variety to keep them interested.… read more