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How To Plan Your Kids Birthday Party

It’s party time! Planning your kids birthday parties can and should be a whole lot of fun. But without prior proper planning, it could turn into a stressful chore. Well here at Rebounderz in Grand Rapids, we know you already have a lot on your plate. That’s why we’re here to help you with this… read more

Trampoline Birthday Party Game Ideas

Is your child’s birthday party right around the corner? Hip, hip, and hooray! It’s an exciting time, especially for the youngster, but also for the parents. That’s because you’ll want to create an event that your child will remember and cherish for many years to come. How can you do that? Well, hosing your kids’… read more

The Low-Down on Air Dodgeball

Think back to your favorite activity in gym class. No, not the one with the giant, colorful parachute. We’re talking, of course, about dodgeball. Dodgeball is an intensely competitive game of skill, elusiveness, and a little bit of luck. And while it used to be played routinely in schools across the country, it’s becoming less… read more

The Best Basketball Slam Games

Everyone who has ever played, watched, or even heard about basketball has that one hoop dream. Everyone wants to be able to dunk. When you’re watching LeBron James do it night in, and night out on ESPN, it’s hard not to want to replicate that. But not everyone can lay the claim of being one… read more

Trampoline Fitness Classes: The Workout Of The Future

Remember the olden days of exercise? Where it was just walking or running on a treadmill, maybe lifting a few dumbbells, and finishing up with a steam in the sauna. Sure, that’s been an effective way to get into shape for a long, long time. But it’s also so…BORING! Exercise doesn’t necessarily need to be… read more

Hattori Hanzo: The Greatest Ninja

If you couldn’t tell, we are big fans of American Ninja Warrior here at Rebounderz. That is why we have our own Grand Rapids ninja warrior course in our trampoline park! But the athletic machines on the show are still very different than the classical ninjas we have all mythologized. Probably one of the greatest… read more

Fun Games for Kids, Part 2

Fun and games are an important part of growing up for children. That is why we offer the perfect place to let them burn out all that excess energy at our Grand Rapids trampoline park. We have a ninja warrior course, host kids’ birthday parties, and much more! But you can’t bring the kiddos out… read more

Ninja Weapons

Who doesn’t love ninjas in this day and age? If the success of American Ninja Warrior is any indication, not many people! For those who don’t know, American Ninja Warrior is a show where athletes compete on an obstacle course, performing great feats of strength to get through them. Here at Rebounderz, we actually have… read more

A History of the Ninja

America is as fascinated with the concept of the ninja as they are with the samurai, cowboy, and other iconic figures. This is especially evident in the popularity of the show American Ninja Warrior, based off a Japanese show called Ninja Warrior. We love cheering on American ninjas on the big screen, and we even… read more

Reading Tips for Kids

Here at Rebounderz, we are all about providing a fun and safe place for your kids to let loose and have a blast. That is why we run our Grand Rapids trampoline park with all of its fun attractions! But life isn’t all about fun and games, and neither is raising children. There’s a whole… read more