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Adult Birthday Party Ideas

As we get older, we tend to celebrate our birthdays less, but I saw that’s silly! Why don’t we have the cake and balloons and presents like we did as kids? Is it because the world has hardened our inner-child or is it because we are expected to be all business all the time? Well,… read more

How to Make Your Weekends Fun For the Whole Family

When Friday rolls around, adults are excited to have the weekend off from work and kids are happy to be out of class for a few days. The weekend is when families get to spend the most time together. Many families squander quality bonding time on the weekends by using their down days to catch… read more

Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

When you plan your kid’s birthday party, ideally it is out of doors, where the children can laugh and play and run to their heart’s content. However, in the winter time, it is much harder to send the children outside for the day. When you are planning a winter birthday party, you have to weigh… read more

Heart Health for Kids

February is Heart Health Awareness month — Valentine’s Day makes so much sense. Because February is a short month and your heart is so important, we figured we’d take the opportunity to discuss your child’s heart health now, so you are better prepared to participate come February. Many people don’t think of children when they… read more

Laughter is the Best Medicine

We hear the old phrase: “laughter is the best medicine” all the time, but with medical advances, does laughter really outrank prescription drugs or precision surgery as the best medicine? While science may not support the claim that it is the best medicine, it is a scientifically proven fact that laughter is a very strong,… read more

Fun Trampoline Games to Play at Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Well done, you’ve perfectly executed hosting your kid’s birthday party at an indoor trampoline park. The facility has provided a host and you’ve been enjoying your time attempting to socialize with the other parents. The cake has already been devoured and the presents violently unwrapped in excitement, and no one has vomited. You’re about to… read more

Rebounderz Trampoline Safety Rules

At Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Parks, we strive to be the only place you consider for fun family entertainment. Although fun is our mission, safety is our primary concern. Afterall, how can you let loose and have a good time if you have to be worried about you or your loved ones getting injured. We aren’t… read more

Trampoline Parks are Ideal for Birthday Parties for Kids of Any Age

From tiny tots to ripe grannies, a birthday party at a trampoline park is sure to be a hit! Kids of all ages can’t help but have fun in an arena full of bouncy floors. If you thought trampoline parks were just for school-age children, you have been missing out! Here are just a few… read more

Indoor Trampoline Parks are Fun Workouts

Jumping on a trampoline is a whole lot of fun, but the health benefits will put an even bigger smile on your face! The rewards of trampoline jumping makes it the perfect activity for people of all ages and health status. The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily to keep your… read more

Trampoline Park Birthday Parties: Bouncing into Your Kid’s Memory

Best Day of the Year Children look forward to their birthday parties all year. It isn’t just the gifts and cake, because let’s be honest, what is your most memorable birthday cake? Kids get excited about their birthday because it is their special day! The one day a year that they are king for the… read more