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Rebounderz Memberships Have Arrived!

Visiting Rebounderz has never been more affordable! Rebounderz now offers 2 tiers of monthly memberships to let even the most energetic individual burn off as much steam and energy as they can – every day of the week!

All Membership Tiers Enjoy Major Savings In Our Cafe, Discounted Birthday Parties, and Discounted Parent Admission Tickets! Our Ultimate Unlimited Membership Also Includes a FREE 500-Point Arcade Game Play Card! Sign Up Online or In-House, Today!

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Rebounderz Memberships

Ultimate Unlimited Membership
From $14.99 / Month

That's only 48¢ / Day!

Premium Membership
$19.99 / Month

That's only 64¢ / Day!

Basic Membership
From $10.99 / Month

That's only 35¢ / Day!

Daily Unlimited All Access Admission

Daily 2-Hour Premium Admission

Daily 1-Hour Basic Admission

Open Jump Trampolines
Extreme Dodgeball
Indoor Playground
Multi-Lane Foam-Pit
Toddler Trampoline Zone
Elevated Ninja Warrior Course
Climbing Walls
Gauntlet Space Climb

Additional Tier Benefits

Additional Tier Benefits

Additional Tier Benefits

Discount On All Birthday Parties $100 $50 $25
$4.99 Daily Parent Add-On*
Member Only Specials, Events, & Deals*
Member Only Virtual Reality $2.99 $2.99 $2.99
(1) Free popcorn and (1) Free Drink Per Visit At Sign Up Only At Sign Up Only
Munchkin N' Me Program Included
(1) Free $5/500 Point Arcade Game Card at time of purchase
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Memberships are valid any and every day that Rebounderz is open- that’s 363 days per year!
Some Attractions may be restricted due to height or physical requirements
Rebounderz Grip socks are required and may be purchased for $4.25/Pair
One time setup fee of $9.99 per member valid waiver required

Below are some frequently asked questions you may find yourself asking regarding Rebounderz Memberships. To serve our guests more expeditiously, we politely ask that you read over the below questions and answers during your review of our offerings. If you have additional questions after reading the below, feel free to call, email, or visit us!

  • Can I upgrade my membership from one tier to another?
    • Absolutely; however, this must be done in store. Upgrading from one tier to the next re-starts your initial 6-month or 12-month agreement (depending on which option you choose) and cancels your first agreement without penalty.
  • Can I use one membership for more than one child?
    • No. Memberships are associated with one individual person and may not be shared.
  • How often am I billed?
    • You will be billed once per month on or about the same date you signed up.
  • Can I change the card that I pay my membership dues with?
    • Yes! You can alter your payment method online or in-store through the Membership Management Portal.
  • What are the cafe specials associated with Membership?
    • Members will receive exclusive savings at our full-service in house cafe. Cafe deals are as follows; and, may be limited based on the availability of products, staffing, and wait times. Because all Rebounderz kitchen orders are “made to order” to ensure fresh and tasty meals, wait times may be longer than usual during times of high order volume or busy operations. Member Only Cafe Options Include:
      • $10 Large (14-Inch) One Topping Pizza
      • $1 Bottles Of Water
  • How Long Do Rebounderz Memberships Last?
    • Rebounderz Memberships are offered in 6-month terms and 12-month terms. When you sign up for a membership, you’re agreeing to remain a member for a minimum of 6 or 12 consecutive months (depending on which option you chose at time of sign up) unless you cancel within the parameters of the membership agreement.
  • How old do I have to be to sign up?
    • Memberships may be assigned to individuals of any age; however, anyone responsible for paying for the membership must be 18 years or older; or, prove emancipation or self-guardianship.
  • Can I downgrade my membership from one tier to another?
    • No.
  • How often are member-only events held?
    • While Rebounderz does not have a “set schedule” for Rebounderz Member events, we plan on holding at least 1 member event at least every 3 months.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    • You are able to cancel your membership by completing the steps outlined in the Membership Agreement you agree to and acknowledge when you first sign up.
      • Note: Cancelling your membership before your 6-months or 12-months have occurred is not permitted unless specifically outlined within the Membership Agreement. Cancelling early may result in fees in addition to the remaining outstanding monthly payments due.
  • I bought a membership for the wrong child; but, I don’t see a way for me to change who it’s assigned to online. How can I fix this?
    • As long as the child you accidentally bought the membership for has not used the membership, we are able to switch the child the membership is associated with; however, if the membership has been used even once, we’re unable to re-assign the beneficiary.
  • What happens if I move?
    • Depending on the distance, you may be eligible for an early cancellation without penalty. Refer to the Membership Agreement within your Membership Portal for specifics regarding this question and what information you may be required to provide to Rebounderz in the event of a move.
  • Can I use my membership at any Rebounderz location?
    • No. The membership you purchase usually does not transfer from one location to another.
  • How often can we use the membership?
    • All memberships may be used any and every day that Rebounderz is open. All memberships permit daily admission with either 1-hour or all day access depending on the tier you purchased.
    • Admission is not guaranteed if we are at capacity or due to other circumstances outside of our control.
  • How do I redeem the discount for my child’s birthday party?
    • You may make the reservation for your party online, in person, or over the phone. If your child has a valid and current Rebounderz Membership at the time the party reservation is made, you may call, email, or visit Rebounderz and inform us your child is a member. Once we review and confirm membership status, we will apply the discount to your reservation.
    • “Birthday Party” discounts are only valid on reserved Rebounderz Birthday Party packages and not applicable for group events or general admission.
    • The Birthday party MUST be celebrating the child whom is also a member.
  • Can I make reservations online with my membership?
    • At this time, members may only purchase tickets in-store; however, you’re welcome to come to the store prior to your planned trip and purchase in advance. We expect to have online reservations for members available soon.
  • Are there any days or times where I am unable to use my membership?
    • Members may use their pass/membership any day that Rebounderz is open to the public; however, may not be granted admission if we are at capacity, hosting a private event, or closed for the day (Christmas and Thanksgiving are the only 2 days per year Rebounderz plans to close).
  • Can I buy someone else’s child a membership?
    • While you are able to do so, you will then be responsible for the entire 12-month agreement and all payments. Further, Memberships require a valid waiver on file; and, you may not fill out the waiver for a child whom you do not have legal guardianship of.
  • How do I check the status of my membership?
    • You may call or email us to inquire about the status of your membership; or, you may log into your online portal, click “profile”, and scroll to the tab labeled “memberships”.
  • I have an Ultimate Unlimited Membership – How do I claim my free Drink/Popcorn each visit?
    • Rebounderz will provide you with a wrist band that will be cut off at time of redemption for your drink / popcorn. If the wristband falls off, you must bring it to a staff members attention immediately in order to ensure you’re given a new one.
  • Where can I view / review the membership agreement?
    • You can review the Membership Agreement as frequently as you’d like through your online portal. You will also have the opportunity to read and review (and must acknowledge and agree to such) prior to the completion of your purchase.
  • When I try to sign up for a membership the price for the first month is $9.99 more – is this an error?
    • No – This is not an error. Rebounderz memberships incur a $9.99 fee associated with the cost of the administrative work necessary for each membership within our system. The first month is the only month the $9.99 fee is applied and each month thereafter does not have an additional fee associated with such.

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All Play Activities
  • Your group will enjoy 90 minutes of activity time on our Rebounderz Exclusive Attractions!
  • Please note that your room is available for the first hour of your party.
  • Rebounderz socks are included with all party packages!
Keep Energized!

All party packages include pizza and drinks for the group PLUS other food and drink options including other appetizing and yummy snacks are available.

Party Experience Upgrades

Bring out the competitive spirit by adding on a Timed Ninja Warrior Contest for you and your guests to enjoy a fierce battle against the clock OR throw in a private reserved Dodgeball Elimination Game – Whatever you choose, rest assured you and your party will have a BLAST doing it!

Hours & Location

Monday……..3PM – 8PM

Tuesday……..3PM – 8PM

Wednesday……..3PM – 8PM

Thursday……..3PM – 8PM

Friday……..2:30PM – 10PM

Saturday……..10AM – 10PM

Sunday……..10AM – 8PM

Munchkin N’ Me: Tuesday/Thursday 10AM – 1PM

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Kids Love Rebounderz And Parents Do, Too

Took my son and his friend here for his 11th birthday on a Thursday and had a blast! It was so inexpensive! They weren’t busy at all so my boys really got to enjoy the arena and the foam pit was a hit! The food was a little pricey and we didn’t care for the nachos, but all in all we had a blast! Definitely bringing them back soon.

Kaleigh M

Great place to take children of all ages from 4 to 14. They all seem to jump their energy out. A half an hour jump tires them out quick. They have supervision so if there’s a rowdy kid around they keep it at Bay. So glad I found another option that wasn’t clear to Orlando.

AmburZEN Z

Good place for kids they will enjoy the things they offer. And reasonable prices for the amount of time my kids always enjoy going on everything.

Edwin R

Redone and exciting! Hours of affordable fun. Great peeps. Jah Nae is great with kids who want to learn how to climb safely. My 9 year old son thinks she is the best.

Tom S

Haven’t been since the pandemic started, but I can say when we went it was a lot of fun. The staff was pretty good at weeding the bigger kids out of the smaller kids area. It was all around an enjoyable experience.

Kelly C

We visited here late in the evening of October 24th for an impromptu school night abbreviated celebration for my son’s birthday. We arrived just over an hour before closing hoping to squeeze in a little fun for him. The staff was absolutely amazing.

Chelsea M

Gigi M

I loved the place and especially Tatiana's attention. She is a very
noble and sweet employee with children. We are very happy to visit the place