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Head referees are responsible for assisting each and every Referee while on a shift. Head referees complete inspections, maintain shift schedules, allow for restroom breaks; and, most importantly, work to ensure the safety and fun of Rebounderz guests! Head referee’s rotate between all Rebounderz attractions on a shift by shift basis to ensure all referees are taken care of, don’t have any concerns or questions, and are performing their duties correctly and consistently!

Rebounderz Referee’s are responsible for ensuring safety protocols and procedures are followed by guests while utilizing Rebounderz attractions! Referee’s interact with guests throughout their shift and are the reason Rebounderz is legendary for being the safest adventure parks around!

Rebounderz is known for hosting the BEST birthday parties in town! One of the many endless reasons Rebounderz parties are so legendary is because of the unique and personal touch our staff provide for each birthday family and their guests! Party Attendants act as the point of contact for their assigned party and ensure schedules are followed, food and drinks are served, questions are answered, and party rooms and tables are kept clean, neat, and orderly! Party attendants solely focus on their assigned birthday parties each shift offering their undivided attention to their guests of honor!

Front Desk associates are the first face customers see when entering a Rebounderz facility and the last face they see when leaving. Front Desk associates check guests in, answer any questions customers may have, and ensure the general workspace stays neat and orderly. Front desk associates also handle transactions and must be able to confidently handle cash.

Cafe attendants are responsible for cooking food and processing orders for guests. Cafe attendants are also responsible for helping birthday party food and drinks get out on time!

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