The Rebounderz locations across our franchise range in sizes from 20,000 sq. ft., all the way up to 50,000+ sq. ft and all possess different varieties of our state-of-the-art attractions. Use our Location Finder to find a Rebounderz location near you and visit their website to see the specific attractions that they offer. 

Below you will find an overview of some of the attractions you can find at our locations, these can range from Ninja Warrior Courses, Jump Towers, Open Jump & Dodgeball Trampoline Arenas, Basketball Slam Jumpers, Arcades, Cafes, Laser Tag Arenas, Rock Walls, Kiddie Play Areas, and more!


The features of our Ninja Warrior Courses vary depending on which location you visit. Most courses have three difficulty levels and a range of obstacles including quad steps, hanging doors, swing to cargo netting, hanger with pegs, slack line, warped walls, and much more! These courses can also be changed up regularly in order to provide variety and new challenges for those who love to push themselves to new heights.

Test your agility and skill while having fun with friends and getting exercise! Hard-core training for adults; great motor skill training for kids! No one loses when they’re having fun and challenging themselves.

Athletic shoes are recommended for participation. Must be 44 inches tall. Weight limit of 275lbs.


Take on your fear of heights on our JumpXREME Tower! The Rebounderz JumpXTREME Tower was custom designed and built by Rebounderz CEO Mark Gurley to reflect our brand standard:  Superior Engineering – Maximum Safety. Our tower platform is raised 14 feet above the ground and allows guests to take a leap onto our custom-designed, inflated landing surface. How often do you get to jump from 14 feet off the ground without a worry? Don’t miss this adrenaline inciting attraction!


Welcome to our trampoline park Thunderdome! This isn’t the dodgeball you remember from your childhood….it’s AirXponentially better! As you “Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge” off the walls and beds of our trampolines, you realize it’s a whole new game!

You’ll love the chance to take on your friends and see who can prevail as dodgeball champion. Whether you want to join the Rebounderz league, want to have a dodgeball birthday party, or would love to beat your boss during a work outing, you’re sure to love Rebounderz’s air dodgeball. Grab your buddies, form a team, and get your best dodgeball game on at Rebounderz!


Take flight on our Basketball Slam and feel like a superstar. Soar to new heights as you imitate your favorite basketball stars! Jordan, Kobe, Wade…which one will you be? Compete side-by-side with your friends to see who can take it to the next level.

This station is fully adjustable to fit your height, uses padded rims for comfort, and soft basketballs for easy grip-palm action. Basketball Slam does not cost extra; it is included in your open jump time!


Who doesn’t love jumping from a trampoline into a pit full of large foam cubes? We can’t think of anyone we know that doesn’t love our foam pits that are at many different Rebounderz locations. With many lanes of jumping fun, you can’t help but fall in love with the Rebounderz foam pit, and with foam blocks made of Lycra, they’re highly sanitary as well.

Rebounderz of Sunrise, FL was the first Rebounderz location to feature the brand new attraction called the Air Pit. Launch yourself into our custom airbag off of the five-lane trampoline platform. You will love the thrill of flying through the air onto the soft surface of the massive airbag.


“Superior Engineering – Maximum Safety” is more than a catchphrase for us. Rebounderz is all about quality! The quality and superior engineering of our patented trampoline frame, which we call the “Jumper,” is obvious. Every single component of the Jumper is constructed with only the highest-quality materials. Superior engineering ensures the quality of the product; the quality of that product ensures maximum safety.

Safety is what separates us from any and all competitors. Rebounderz takes pride in ensuring that our Indoor Trampoline Arena is the safest trampoline park environment for everyone. From our safety equipment to our highly trained staff, a safer trampoline experience does not exist!


Take a break from jumping in our premiere trampoline arena and play some good, old-fashioned Arcade games! Ranging from classic Pac-Man to new first-person shooter games, there is going to be games to please everyone of all ages. Each location has a different selection and array of Arcade games that customers can enjoy and then trade in their tickets for prizes from the fully stocked prize counter. While you may be cooling down from jumping, the fun never stops at Rebounderz.


At Rebounderz, we know the importance of having a full-service café and lots of seating! Our cafés include favorites like coffee, pizza, wings, nachos, hot dogs, fountain drinks, ice cream, grab and go items. Enjoy tasty snacks with the whole family!

While the children are burning energy, the adults can enjoy our free Wi-Fi, meet with friends, work on the computer, or simply relax. Parents can have a good time while keeping an eye on their little ones, or watch the games on our big screen TVs while relaxing.

You can also get a terrific massage in one of our massage chairs (availability may vary depending on location).


Even the little ones, 44 inches and under, can have a great time at Rebounderz. Let your tikes race around and burn energy with friends in our inflatable attractions reserved just for our youngest jumpers. Your little ones will love climbing, jumping, and sliding around at Weebounderz, and will particularly enjoy the mini-obstacle course inflatable.

Some Rebounderz locations feature inflatable attractions like the ones pictured above; some locations also have areas for children that resemble more traditional play structures for kids.


Attractions pictured are subject to specific Rebounderz location and may not be available at all locations. Please check with your local Rebounderz to inquire about their offerings.