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A Safe, Exciting, And Fun Environment For Friends And Family

Rebounderz is committed to be the leader in innovations for the indoor family entertainment centers (FEC), family trampoline adventure parks and extreme fun centers industries. With our patented trampoline Combination and Dodgeball Jumpers, custom Ninja Warrior Courses, Basketball Slam and Air Pit Jumpers, and JumpXtreme Towers, as well as laser tag, zip lines and flyers, virtual reality systems, children’s play areas, videos arcades, themed birthday and corporate event rooms, and cafe and dining facilities, Rebounderz is the home for superior fun, engineering and safety for all ages.

About Rebounderz

Over a decade ago, our founder began a quest to innovate upon the natural human attraction to the beneficial bounce activity of trampolines. As a result of his work, he was awarded two global patents. Guiding Rebounderz on the leading edge path to establishing destinations for extreme family fun and fitness, his vision and mission were to optimize superior engineering functionality and maximize the safety of the bounce. His patent awards are a testament to the success of that mission.

Rebounderz is uniquely poised to leverage our ExoSkeleton design technology and floorplan creative activities to attract and serve our customers and investors alike. To ensure we remain relevant and prosperous long into the future, our unique entertainment menu of offerings are designed to plug and play, thereby maximizing revenue generation in every square foot.

To that end, we believe innovation creates competitive disruption. The brand seeks strategic partners who know change represents brand evolution, and will embrace evolutionary change.

Innovative & Flexible Options

Our broad range of attractions sets us apart from other traditional trampoline parks. To illustrate how, look no further than Rebounderz of Sacramento, CA, where you will encounter a variety of action-packed fun and fitness activities that are safe and affordable for all ages, including our patented Trampolines, Ninja Warrior Courses, JumpXtreme Towers, Air Pits, indoor playgrounds, climbing walls, Laser Tag, VR arcades, bowling, and so much more!

One of the great things about Rebounderz is that you have the flexibility to add various components and add new offerings, so you are not just one thing. Rebounderz allows the franchisees the ability to expand and grow their business, they want each location to reach their maximum potential and succeed.

Jason Alexandridis, President, Rebounderz Adventure Parks

Join Our Franchise Family

The Rebounderz Support Team is a dedicated group of people who are available to assist our franchisees with anything they need regarding their family entertainment center. Whether it is guidance on marketing, questions about equipment, supply ordering assistance, or general support, our team has the answers.

Our staff have years of hands-on experience in the industry. Join our franchise family and receive the exceptional support you deserve.

Our Support

We are a proud member of the ASTM F24 committee, and have developed 11 standards for the industry.

In addition to our involvement in developing safety standards for our industry, we have also secured a premium Group Insurance Policy for our franchise system that offers significantly reduced insurance rates for our franchisees.

Our design team will provide customized building plans and a 3D-rendered layout of your franchise location.

Each location’s layout is designed to maximize your location’s efficiency and revenue potential.

For our website and web-marketing services, we have secured a partnership with Post Modern Marketing, located in Sacramento, CA.

Each franchise location will have its own dedicated page(s) on the Rebounderz website, managed by Corporate. All content updates are handled for you by our team per your request.

You will receive general brand guidelines and be informed of how to request updates for your website section prior to your location’s opening.

Our training is managed by seasoned members of the team who have been in each job role at actual Rebounderz locations as employees. We provide training before your soft opening, and throughout the grand opening and beyond to ensure then when our team leaves, your location is fully prepared to flourish.

After your location is open and established, we understand that locations may need additional training or re-training. We offer on-site training, and our trainers are also available to provide guidance via phone or email.

Interested In Becoming A Franchisee?

Our system is designed to optimize every patron’s fun and safety in a clean healthy environment, while respect our strategic partner franchisees, and providing them with all necessary strategic direction.

Our franchisees take our unique operating system and bring it to life in a way which facilitates fulfilling returns on time, talent and treasure by nurturing the relationship with the brand, guests, and fellow team members.

Are you interested in aligning your experience, winning attitude, sufficient investment capital, and desire to build a successful business with Rebounderz’ proven operating system? Then we encourage you to take the first step by filling out the form below. We can’t wait to speak with you!