Each Rebounderz location can offer several different Programs that can be held on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This page will give you a brief overview of the various Programs across the franchise. To verify whether your local Rebounderz location offers a specific Program, visit our location finder and navigate to your location’s website.


One of the most popular programs in our system, Toddler Time gives our youngest jumpers an opportunity to experience our facilities with children in the same age range. This program is generally limited to children under the age of 7 but this does vary per location. The locations that host this program allow participants to enjoy the facility before it is open to the public for the day. It is a fun and safe experience for your toddler.


The availability of exercise classes at our locations varies. The locations that offer exercise classes generally focus on aerobic exercise on our trampolines with an instructor leading the class. These classes are structured to be accessible to different levels of athleticism and on average you can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour session.


This program is generally offered on Friday evenings at the locations on a weekly basis. Some locations bring in Live DJs for the event and have dance contests, prizes, and more. This program is aimed at our teen demographic but at most, locations all ages are welcome to enjoy.


We realize that during our normal operating hours, our facilities can be overwhelming for our friends with special needs and sensory issues. That’s why some of our locations now offer an exclusive time when they turn off the music and dial down the distractions to make our indoor trampoline arenas more sensory-friendly.


Some of our locations now offer Home School Days that allow homeschool students to visit the facilities before they are open to the public and enjoy an exclusive time with fellow homeschoolers. These days are also a great opportunity for Home School Parents to network with each other.


Some locations now offer evenings where they will allow parents to drop their children off for a block of activity time with the idea that this time will be used by their parents to hit the town and enjoy “date night”.