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Rebounderz features a birthday party experience unlike any other! Enjoy one of our 6 private rooms, dedicated party host, fitness, food, and fun! Your guests will have a blast jumping, climbing and playing, then relax in the room with food and friends knowing we are taking care of everything! We also have a semi-hosted picnic table option right next to our attractions! Whatever your experience, we’ve got it!

Birthday Party Pricing

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Rebounderz Party Packages

Ultimate Party Package

Premium Party Package

Basic Party Package

Participants 20 15 10
Party Type Private Party Suite Private Party Suite Reserved Party Table
Total Party Duration 2.5 Hours 2.5 Hours 2.5 Hours
Activity Time 90 Minutes 90 Minutes 90 Minutes
Room/Table Time After Activity Time After Activity Time After Activity Time
All Access & Climbing Walls
Host Type Dedicated Party Host Dedicated Party Host Shared Party Host
Included Pizzas (4) Large One Topping (3) Large One Topping (2) Large One Topping
Ice Cold Water Stand
Included 300 Point Arcade Game Cards (19) (14) (9)
1 Free 500 Point Arcade Game Card Included
(1) - Birthday Guest T-shirt
Paper Products Included
$100 Deposit
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20 Participants Included

10 Participants Included
+10 Adtl. $249.90

Party Time

2 and 1/2 Hours

2 Hours

Activity Time

90 Minutes

75 Minutes




Room or Table?

Entire Private Party Suite

One Table Included - No Private Room
Add $175 For Private Room


4 Large Pizzas

NOT Included
+ 4 Pizzas $79.80

Spectators / Non-Participants


NOT Included
+ $24.99 Per Spectator

Arcade Cards?

20 Arcade Game Play Cards

NOT Included
$62 for 20 Arcade Game Play Cards

Birthday T-Shirt?



What You REALLY Pay

Base Price $599
+ 20 Participants $0
+ Private Room $0
+ 4 Large Pizzas $0
+ Arcade Game Play $0
+ Spectators $0

"The Other Guys"
Base Price $359
+ 10 Participants $249.90
+ Private Room $175
+ 4 Pizzas $79.80
+ 20 Arcade Cars $62.00
+ 5 Spectators $124.95

Rebounderz REAL Price: $599

Other Parks REAL Price: $1,050.65

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An Identical party at Rebounderz SAVE you MORE THAN $400 compared to "The Other Guys"
Rebounderz has the best experiences, creates the best memories, and offers the best pricing!

*The above pricing does not include auto gratuity as it is a percentage based amount*

  • All birthday parties must either be booked online through our website, or on location at our facility.
  • Party Deposit & Refund Policy: A deposit of $100 is due upon booking.  Birthday parties will not be booked without a deposit. The $100 deposit is non-refundable; but, we offer the ability to reschedule one time free of charge and each additional reschedule with a fee of $25. Deposits are applied to the balance of the party.
  • For your security, a chip card is required. Manual entry of card numbers will not be honored and swipe authorization is not utilized at Rebounderz. Rebounderz may require Credit Card authorization forms to be completed should you not be able to facilitate a chip card.
  • Your final party balance must be paid before the start of the party in order to be granted access to your party room/table. If paying final party balance via credit card, you must show ID that matches the name on the credit card. For your security, cards will not be charged without ID.
  • A valid government-issued ID and a matching ID-valid Credit card will be required at party check-in.
  • Any accrued balances will be automatically charged to the card on file if guests leave without settling any unpaid balances.
  • All Party Packages include the above guest limits, and additional guests are priced as indicated.
  • All Party Packages include above listed items, and the following are available to upgrade at checkout:
    • Private competition experience
    • Additional food and drink
    • Black light miniature golf
  • Tax not included.
  • All Jumpers must have a valid waiver on fileAll guests who want to take part in any activities at a Rebounderz location are required to have a valid waiver on file to do so. There are no exceptions to this policy.  Each waiver must be filled out completely to be considered valid. This includes presenting a valid government-issued identification to front desk staff in order to validate the waiver information.  Waivers are valid for 364 days from initial submission. If a guest is above the age of 18, they MUST fill out a waiver for themselves. If a guest is under the age of 18, their parent or legal guardian MUST fill out a waiver and list the guest as their child or legal ward. A valid ID must be present from the parent or legal guardian. Fill out our waiver in advance at one of our in-store kiosks or online by following this link.
  • Rebounderz food offerings may vary by location. Add-ons are extra.
  • Gift cards cannot be used for birthday parties or group events. Gift card value is only valid on admission & cafe purchases.
  • Excessive Cleaning Fee:
    • Parties with Rebounderz are designed to ensure parents do not have to worry about the set up nor clean up for their special day of celebration; however, as we have found through the years, this policy has been abused from time to time. As such, Rebounderz reserves the right to administer an excessive cleaning fee ($199 to $399) should guests intentionally trash a party room/table, participate in a food fight, smash cake or other food into the ground or throughout the room/areas, bring confetti, piñata(s), sparklers, glitter, etc.. This policy is not something Rebounderz wants to rely on; however, it is unfair to our staff to have them clean up after parties who were intentionally messy and disregarded our policies. We hope we don’t have to assess this fee. Normal clean up associated with birthday parties (pizza boxes, plates, cups, napkins, etc.) won’t have this fee assessed. After all, we fully expect to clean up after a party full of fun, we just ask that you respect our staff, our building, and other guests who want to enjoy Rebounderz just as much as we know you will!
  • Refusal To Leave / Late Exit Fee:
    • Guests who refuse to leave the party room for any reason without Managements direct approval will be assessed a “Refusal To Leave / Late Exit Fee”. Birthday Parties are 150 minutes from start to finish. You and your guests will have your room/table area for the last 60 minutes of your Birthday Party. This time is dedicated to pizza, cake, ice cream. If you’d like to open presents during your party time, you’re welcome to; however, we are unable to extend your time as we have other reservations in that room following your event / party. Your party host(ess) will do their best to inform you that your reservation time is nearing its end; however, it is your responsibility to vacate the room/table area at the end of your reservation. Should there be a delay or refusal to leave, a fee in the amount of $199 will be assessed for every 30 minutes of delay. 
  • Auto Gratuity
    • Because our Associates work as hard as possible to ensure your event goes off without a hitch, and as is customary for large group reservations across many industries, there is an automatic gratuity amount of 7% applied to all birthday parties. You are welcome, but not required, to leave more should you feel your host(ess) has earned such. Rebounderz does not keep any portion of the gratuity and is distributed directly to the staff assigned to your birthday party reservation.
  • Please plan on arriving at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled party start time to check in guests and sign waivers.
  • All Jumpers must have a valid waiver on file. You may sign the form here.
  • Table parties are to check in at the front desk.  Waiver check and wristband handout may commence, but kids must wait for party parent to check and settle remaining balance before heading to activities.
  • Private Room parties may check in with the greeter then advance to their private room for waiver check and wristband handout. Kids must wait for party parent to check and settle remaining balance before heading to activities.
  • We require you and all your attendees to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the scheduled party time for waiver check-in. Parties’ will be checked in 15 minutes before the scheduled time. At time of arrival, the host or financially responsible Parent/Guest will be required to check in with the Front Desk to let our team know you and your guests have arrived and to settle the remaining balance of your event.
  • As the host of your party, you will be required to provide us a Valid Driver’s License or ID card AND the method of payment (matching the ID) for the remaining balance. At that time, your designated Party Host will reconfirm your attendees, verify each guest, confirm waivers and complete the check-in process.
  • We understand that the guest list may vary and our team will be able to adjust as necessary on the day of the event for any ‘last minute’ additions or cancellations. That being said, Rebounderz will NOT downgrade the size of your package within 72 hours of your event including the day of. If you have less guests than the included amount in your package, the base package fee will still apply. If you have more guests than you anticipated, we will confirm with you prior to adding them to your reservation À La Carte.
  • Once the guests that have arrived are checked in, the party host will review the rules and release the participants to play. Our check-in process should take 15 minutes provided your guests have completed the electronic waiver prior to 48 hours of the Event Date. Emailing guests lists within 48 hours of your event will result in delayed check in times. Jump time will NOT be extended for your party if guests have not completed waivers and/or complete guest lists have not been submitted to our Event Department.
  • Your allocated jump time as noted in your reservation is the time that is reserved for your guests and will not be adjusted based on late arrivals, incomplete or partial guest lists.
  • In the unforeseen event that a guest or guests arrive late, they are welcome to jump for the remainder of the scheduled party jump time, however, we will need to wait for our Rebounderz Party Host or authorized Team Member to assist with the official check-in process.
  • Under no circumstances are parents or guests allowed to “check-in” anyone and provide wristbands or distribute socks.
  • If you have already settled your account prior to or during the event and wish to purchase additional food and beverages you may do so with your party host, and payment will be due at time of ordering. If payment is not collected at the time of ordering, you will have the opportunity to issue payment at the end of your party. In the event that the financially responsible party leaves without settling any remaining balances, the card on file will be charged.
  • Parties that leave without settling any remaining balance will have that balance applied to the credit card on file and will be responsible for all charges.
  • Because our Associates work as hard as possible to ensure your event goes off without a hitch, and as is customary for large group reservations across many industries, there is an automatic gratuity amount of 7% applied to all birthday parties. You are welcome, but not required, to leave more should you feel your host(ess) has earned such. Rebounderz does not keep any portion of the gratuity and is distributed directly to the staff assigned to your birthday party reservation.

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You’ll have a private party room or picnic table with a dedicated party host, tons of jumping, climbing, and playing time on all of our exhilarating obstacle courses, and video games with friends in the arcade! Birthdays are better at Rebounderz!

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