Rebounderz And Covid-19
What You Need To Know
Germs, Germs, Go Away
Play Safe And Healthy At Rebounderz Today!

Our mission at Rebounderz is to explore the creation of unique extreme fun, to provide new stimulating activities for everyone, and to boldly go where no one has gone before! In today’s world of difficulties, we’re tasked with confronting the spread of communicable diseases and germs in unprecedented ways!

Rebounderz is dedicated to providing a safe, exciting, and fun environment for friends and families to enjoy together. Please see how Rebounderz is responding to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and how we’re working to keep our customers and employees safe and healthy!

Rebounderz' Response And Modifications

Rebounderz has dedicated itself to offering superior safety and protocols for nearly 15 years. Our motto “Superior Engineering, Maximum Safety” is important and relevant now more than ever. We’ve taken appropriate and reasonable steps to work towards your continued safety while visiting our facility.

  • Staffing alterations (see below)
  • Increased sanitization of all commonly touched surfaces
  • Social Distancing markers and guidelines
    • Did you know: Rebounderz’ trampolines are engineered for maximum safety while providing endless fun. Ironically, when we designed and patented our Trampoline Arenas years ago, we inadvertently placed the center of each square 8 feet apart from one another. So, by nature of our design, Rebounderz Trampoline Arenas naturally and logistically promote and enforce social distancing efforts of at least 8 feet between you and the nearest other guest!
  • Birthday Party Social Distancing
    • All of our party tables have been separated to encourage social distancing
    • All seating areas within our party rooms have been spaced out and marked with tape to maintain social distancing
    • Reduced table capacity to encourage less contact
    • Party host(ess) to be present outside of party room / area to reduce bodies within party room; but, still readily available and accessible to assist.
  • Reduced facility capacities in accordance with local regulation(s).
  • Hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of 70% or greater throughout the facility.
  • Disinfectant breaks throughout the day utilizing high intensity commercial disinfectant for all reachable surfaces.
  • Symptom monitoring and exposure reduction
  • Foam pits will be closed (Excluding MI Location(s))
  • Air pits will remain open

Staff Requirements And Protocols

  • Trainings
    • While our staff go through continued education trainings on how to operate and safely supervise all of our attractions, we’re immediately adding COVID-19 training and participation is mandatory. Our staff will not be permitted to report to work until the entire training is complete.
  • Face Mask Requirements
    • Our staff will be required to wear face masks while in our facility for the entirety of their shift.
  • Temperature Readings Before Every Shift
    • When our staff arrive, their temperature will be taken prior to entry into the building.
  • Social Distancing
    • Our cafe and front desk staffing levels will be reduced to increase the distance between team members for extended periods of time.
    • Computers, Points of Sale, Phones, and other commonly touched pieces of equipment will be designated to one staff member at a time; and, if shifts change or employees filter to other departments, those pieces of equipment will be disinfected before others are able to use such.
    • Administrative offices will have reduced capacity and only essential personnel will be permitted within the confined areas.
    • Physical Barriers will be installed at all cash registers and Points of Sale **

Customer Requirements And Recommendations

  • Face Masks / Coverings ***
    • In accordance with local guidelines, we will recommend (Required in California, Virginia, Michigan) customers to wear face masks covering the entirety of their mouth and nose while inside of our facility.
    • Rebounderz will allow customer to bring face masks / coverings into the facility or customers may purchase a face mask from our Front Desk.
  • No Slip, Grip Socks:
    • While Rebounderz has always required trampoline socks to be worn in our facilities during use, we now require the exclusive use of Rebounderz Socks while using our facilities. This promotes the washing of previously worn socks; and, eliminates the possibility of contamination from a facility outside of the Rebounderz network!
  • Symptomatic Individuals
    • While Rebounderz will not check each individual walking into our facilities, we will be asking all customers to heed public advise and stay home if you have been exposed, may have been exposed, or are exhibiting symptoms similar to that of COVID-19.
    • California and Virginia locations WILL require all customers to check in with the Front Desk and submit to a temperature check prior to entering the facility. Should any individual have a temperature of 100.4 degree or higher, they will not be permitted to enter Rebounderz.
  • Social Distancing
    • Our lobby and other common areas will have 6 foot interval markers to indicate appropriate areas to stand and how to maintain an appropriate distance from others
    • Benches will have social distancing markers available for customers to utilize.
    • Our elevator will be dedicated to those who require such; but, will only allow 1 user and 1 assistant (2 individuals) at any given time. (CA Location(s) only)
    • Birthday Party rooms will have social cues and markers at the table(s) to offer guidance and recommendations for social distancing.
    • Cafe Tables will be spread out and disinfected frequently to promote social distancing and sanitization.


** Virginia and Michigan Location(s) – Physical barriers at front desk and all points of sale.

*** While Rebounderz will require staff to wear Rebounderz provided face masks covering both their mouth and nose, customers may elect to utilize face coverings brought from outside of the Rebounderz facility or purchased at our Front Desk. We will continue to follow local recommendations and regulations.

*** California and Virginia location(s) – Face Masks required on all individuals within parameters of Gubernatorial Executive Order(s). If a customer is not wearing a face mask within Rebounderz, Rebounderz will assume that individual is exempt from face covering requirements as stipulated under Gubernatorial Executive Order(s).

*** Michigan Location(s) – Face masks / coverings are required on all patrons within the facility with the following exemptions:

  • Ages 5 and under
  • When actively eating/drinking
  • Those who cannot medically tolerate a face covering


Safety By Design
Superior Engineering. Maximum Safety

Wall Angles and Double beds

One great feature in our indoor trampoline area is the wall trampolines. The walls of the trampoline area are specifically designed for maximum safety. The trampoline beds, too, have safety in mind. Every bed is a double layered, so if one fails, there is a second layer to support the jumper. If a layer ever fails, it is replaced immediately.

Trampoline Corners

Older trampoline designs had corners where two trampolines overlapped, creating the potential for someone, or part of someone, to slip between the two membranes and become injured. This is no longer a possibility. The new, safer, design uses a specially designed and engineered corner that keeps jumpers safe!

Clear Jump Area

If you’ve ever jumped on a trampoline, you know that there is a sweet spot that gives you the best jump. The edge of the trampoline has more tension and a less predictable jump. To solve the problem created by people jumping too near the edge, we’ve created “Joshua Lines”. These red lines remind jumpers where to jump, and the reasons are explained to jumpers in a video they have to watch before getting on the trampolines.

Safety Gear

All jumpers are required to wear our special Grip Socks that offer ankle support and gripping power on the trampolines. In addition to offering advanced safety on the jumpers, our Grip Socks ensures the hygienic value of our facilities.

Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arena adheres to a “safety first” philosophy. We want you to come back time and again, and enjoy yourself!

Patented And Proud

Rebounderz currently holds patents for its Exoskeleton Jumper design (U.S. Patent # 8,657,696) which was granted on February 25, 2014, (U.S. Patent #8,764,575) which was granted on July of 2014, and (U.S. Patent No. 9,149,674) which was granted October 6, 2015. Rebounderz grants all franchisees and affiliates of Rebounderz permission to use the exclusive rights to the patents that cover the Exoskeleton on the trampoline jumpers.

Rebounderz Through Rebounderz Franchise And Development Inc. And Indoor Trampoline Arena LLC Are The Only Companies In The United States To Hold Patents On Trampoline Arenas.

Rebounderz’ unique Exoskeleton design made the patent possible, as other companies in the industry began by using individual trampolines secured with chains and tie-downs. Those companies now employ cable support systems, as well as other designs like the Rebounderz’ Exoskeleton. The trampoline arena designed by Rebounderz is a solid, rigid-walled, freestanding structure and provides a sturdier and longer lasting jumping environment. Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arenas are the finest commercial trampolines available in the market. The superior engineering of their structure, now bolstered by the issuance of U.S. patents, coupled with quality safety padding, safety procedures, and personnel training, has all placed Rebounderz in a class of its own when it comes to indoor trampoline park equipment, family entertainment centers, family adventure parks and extreme fun center attractions.

All Rebounderz and Indoor Trampoline Arena Inc. attractions are engineered and developed according to ASTM F2970 Standards and made in the USA.