Skills that Active Play Teaches Kids

Active play, which includes anything that gets your child doing something, is important for the healthy growth and development of children. It helps them develop, physically, with strong bones and muscles. Active play also helps to develop children mentally by providing a way to explore themselves and their role in the world around them. In… read more

How to Keep Your Kids Active in the Winter

In a digital era where people spend most of their time engaged by a screen, it can be increasingly difficult to keep your kids active. The battle becomes even harder in the winter when kids are less likely to be comfortable spending time outside. Don’t let your kids hibernate this winter; exercise and physical activity… read more

Healthy Party Snacks to Have at Your Kid’s Birthday Party

A birthday party or celebration is always a good excuse to indulge in some party treats, after all, it is a celebration! However, any parent knows there are always celebrations and parties with treats – one classmate after the other’s birthday party, soccer team win, scout meeting, a holiday, a cousin’s graduation, dances, the list… read more

Prepare for the Pros at Rebounderz Trampoline Park

In just a few days, the world will watch as the opening ceremonies of the greatest sports competition kicks off two weeks of the best athletes in the world showcasing their skills and bringing medals and honor to their home countries. If you have dreams of one-day being a professional athlete in your sport, relentlessly… read more

Benefits of Trampoline Jumping as Cross Training

Any elite athlete in any sport will tell you about the benefits cross-training to improve your craft. When you work cross training into your training routine, you work your body in a different way than you are used to which allows you to give some of your primary muscles a break and build other skills.… read more

How to Win at Babysitting

If you are a high school student trying to pick up extra cash or a full-time nanny looking to boost your ratings with the kids, entertaining the kids you watch can be difficult. Of course, you could plop them down in front of the television for a movie or video games, but that won’t keep… read more

How to Plan Your Kid’s Birthday Party and Have Fun Doing It!

Every year, you get another chance to plan the perfect party for your little ones. This year, take the stress out of planning your kids birthday party and get started now. That way, when the day comes, you’ll be able to relax and have fun at the party. To help simplify your planning, all it… read more

Trampoline Jumping For Your Heart’s Health

Jumping is a classic fun pastime, whether skipping rope, hopscotching or trampoline rebounding, jumping has been enjoyed as a fun activity for generations. Kids from two to 82 love to jump for fun and for joy, but there are more benefits to the basic hop than putting a smile on your face. Jumping can keep… read more

More Fun Games to Play at Your Kid’s Birthday Party

In our sister arena’s previous article, Fun Games to Play at Your Kid’s Birthday Party they taught you how to win host of the year by planning your kid’s birthday party at trampoline park and how to keep cool when your kids look to you for ideas to continue the fun. We went over the… read more

Trampoline Safety Tips from Rebounderz

Trampoline jumping is a fun pastime. In the early 1990s, personal trampolines became popular and most children had access to one in their own backyard or neighborhood. Annually in the United States, emergency rooms treat more than 200 thousand trampoline-related injuries, most of which are musculoskeletal. Although they are popularly believed to be unsafe, over… read more