5 Ways to Celebrate Women’s Health and Fitness Day 2018

The third Wednesday in September has been celebrated as National Women’s Health and Fitness Day since 2002 to help bring awareness to the unique wellness concerns that women face but have not been historically talked about. Women’s’ health issues are not only important for women to understand, but also the men in their lives, and… read more

How Obstacle Courses Can Help You Overcome Life’s Challenges

Life is full of all sorts of hurdles and obstacles. There are the physical obstacles, barriers of rules, challenging circumstances, and mental hurdles. Life is, in no way, easy by any means. However, it is overcoming these obstacles and hurdles that help make you stronger and more resilient. While some people don’t understand the point… read more

Jumping Benefits for Seniors

Although typically frequented by children, trampoline parks have amazing benefits for children of ALL ages! Even seniors can find the benefits and enjoyment of spending some time rebounding. Here are just a few benefits of trampoline jumping for seniors. Improves Heart Health The number one cause of death in the United States has been cardiac… read more

Active Mommy-And-Me Activities That Are Good For You and Your Toddler

Whether you are a stay at home mom, a working mom, or even a nanny who is looking for ways to combine exercise and spending quality time with your toddler, active mommy and me classes are a great way for both of you to get some much-needed exercise, spend quality time together, and help your… read more

How Trampolining Helps Develop Resilience

While the answer may be painfully obvious, trampolining helps develop an ability to bounce back. Resilience is the ability to bounce back in life, whether from illness or injury or overcoming an obstacle. Jumping on a trampoline is probably one of the best literal and metaphorical examples of resilience. In this article, we will explain… read more

Extreme Trampoline Moves

Here, at Rebounderz Extreme Fun Zone, we carry our name with pride as a place where kids of all ages can come and have some extreme fun! Many of our locations offer many exciting attractions to compliment the main attraction, which is our trampoline park. Our trampoline parks offer extreme fun because, unlike your backyard… read more

Skills that Active Play Teaches Kids

Active play, which includes anything that gets your child doing something, is important for the healthy growth and development of children. It helps them develop, physically, with strong bones and muscles. Active play also helps to develop children mentally by providing a way to explore themselves and their role in the world around them. In… read more

How to Keep Your Kids Active in the Winter

In a digital era where people spend most of their time engaged by a screen, it can be increasingly difficult to keep your kids active. The battle becomes even harder in the winter when kids are less likely to be comfortable spending time outside. Don’t let your kids hibernate this winter; exercise and physical activity… read more

Healthy Party Snacks to Have at Your Kid’s Birthday Party

A birthday party or celebration is always a good excuse to indulge in some party treats, after all, it is a celebration! However, any parent knows there are always celebrations and parties with treats – one classmate after the other’s birthday party, soccer team win, scout meeting, a holiday, a cousin’s graduation, dances, the list… read more

Prepare for the Pros at Rebounderz Trampoline Park

In just a few days, the world will watch as the opening ceremonies of the greatest sports competition kicks off two weeks of the best athletes in the world showcasing their skills and bringing medals and honor to their home countries. If you have dreams of one-day being a professional athlete in your sport, relentlessly… read more