Grand Rapids Rebounderz Ninja Warrior CourseNINJA WARRIOR COURSE

Test your physical limits while having unimaginable fun on our most popular attraction: Ninja Warrior Course. 200 feet long with three different courses designed for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced participants. The course features dozens of challenging obstacles: Michigan’s first Spider Wall, a multi-section elevated course, and the finish line is on top of a 10-foot warp wall. It’s perfect for a fast-paced race between friends or to push your body to its limits to challenge yourself. All of this is highlighted with state-of-the-art design and colors, LED lights, a timer system, and horn/smoke effects. The Rebounderz Ninja Warrior Course is included in your jump pass so come pit yourself against the ultimate physical challenge and take on the Warped Wall. The Ninja Warrior Course has a height requirement of 44 inches and a weight limit of 275 lbs.


Rebounderz Grand Rapids is the first Rebounderz location to feature 6-Lanes of Foam Pit action to increase the fun and decrease the wait time! Our biggest Foam Pit yet is sure to impress! Don’t miss out on our custom-designed, dedicated, detached foam pits! The deck of our foam pit sits 5 feet off the ground with the trampoline bed suspended 2 feet off of the ground. The foam pit is then filled with 4 feet of 8” x 8” foam blocks to provide the maximum cushion. With this much height from the trampolines and foam beyond your wildest dreams for cushion; guests can try flips, twists, or sky-high vaults. The landing will be pillow-soft as you are enveloped by the foam blocks. So, what are you waiting for? Get your JUMP on with Rebounderz trampoline parks!


Welcome to our trampoline park thunderdome in Grand Rapids! This isn’t the dodgeball you remember from your childhood….it’s AirXponentially better! As you “Dodge, Duck, Dip, and Dive” off the walls and beds of our trampolines, you realize it’s a whole new game! Dodgeball is great for team building activities or to compete with your friends. Grab your buddies, form a team, and get your best dodgeball game on!


Rebounderz in Jenison now has LASER TAG! Our brand new, state of the art arena is 4,000 square feet loaded with high-end graphics and design. Abundant black lighting, LED elements, DMX sound, and laser lights along with a good dose of fog all enhance this amazing experience! Laser Tag is the perfect compliment to your Rebounderz Jump Pass and can be bundled with Birthday Parties, Field Trips, Youth Group outings, Class Parties, All-Nighters, Corporate Events, or any other Group Event.


Safety is what separates Rebounderz from the rest. We take pride in ensuring that our Indoor Trampoline Arena is the safest trampoline park environment for everyone. From our safety equipment to our highly trained staff, a safer trampoline experience does not exist! “Superior Engineering – Maximum Safety” is more than a catchphrase for us. The quality and superior engineering of our patented trampoline, which we call the “Jumper,” is obvious. Every single component of the Jumper is constructed with only the highest quality materials.

Guests love to bounce, flip, and practice tricks as they soar around our 52 trampoline beds. Do you love tumbling? Then our four additional extended beds are perfect for you. Kids and adults get exceptional exercise while zooming across the arena. Jump with your friends and see who can fly the highest or land the best trick. Imaginations take off as guests become a dragon skyrocketing through the air, a ninja leaping, or even an amazing gymnast in the Trampoline Arena.


Take flight on our Basketball Slam and feel like a superstar. Soar to new heights as you imitate your favorite basketball stars! Durant, Westbrook, Lebron,…which one will you be?

Rebounderz Grand Rapids features our custom-designed, face-to-face 4-Lane Basketball Slam. This design allows for more players on the court, so you can get playing quickly and you can compete side by side with a friend to show your moves. This station is fully adjustable to fit your height, uses padded rims for comfort, and soft basketballs for easy grip-palm action. Basketball Slam is perfect for guests of all ages and sizes.

Basketball Slam does not cost extra; it is included in your jump time!

Grand Rapids Rebounderz Tri-Level PlaygroundTRI-LEVEL PLAYGROUND

We want fun lovers of all ages to have the best time at Rebounderz Grand Rapids. Our Tri-Level Playground is perfect for our smaller guests, it is opened to anyone 54″ and under. With three levels of obstacles, tunnels, and slides; our littlest guests will enjoy the challenge of our playground over and over again. Kids will want to stay here and play all day, which gives parents a chance to relax.


We challenge our guests to take an exhilarating plunge onto our soft and safe airbag from the 14-foot tower. It has all the fun of flying and none of the fear of landing with our custom-designed, inflated landing surface that will cushion your landing like a cloud. The JumpXtreme Tower is a great way for guests to safely experience the sensation of free-falling. Access to the JumpXtreme Tower is included in your purchase of Jump Time and is for guests 44”+. The JumpXtreme Tower has a weight limit of 250 lbs.


The jump pillow is designed for toddlers 42” and below to have a safe and fun place to bounce around. Parents can be alongside the pillow, as their toddlers play. The Jump pillow is a Rebounderz custom designed giant pillow to cushion your toddler’s landing as they wiggle, bounce, and roll around. Rebounderz Grand Rapids is the place to bring kids of all ages for a great time.


Our Human Foosball attraction is an inflatable arena-sized version of your favorite table-top soccer game Foosball! Get ready for some healthy competition as you battle in a 5 vs 5 game to score the most goals! This is a favorite attraction for team building and group games as you learn to work together as a team to move the ball up the court. Human Foosball is included in your all-access pass and fun for everyone!


Our arcade is the perfect place to cool down after a few hours of jumping. The fun lighting and exciting sounds reach straight into the heart of a kid and bring nostalgia on for some of us. We have many great games including air hockey, Skee Ball, Angry Birds, crane style games, and even video games. Earn tickets to exchange for great prizes at our Arcade Redemption Counter.


Jumping and playing the day away is sure to make you hungry. Rebounderz Grand Rapids provides a wonderful wifi cafe to feed the hungriest of children a meal, cater a birthday party, or allow parents to snack while the kids play. We’ve thought of everything to make the day as enjoyable as possible for everyone. Our large seating space is available near the play zone so parents can keep an eye on the children while relaxing with friends. Free wifi is available if you want to catch up on some work. Or even catch a game in the tv lounge area. We serve many favorites for kids and adults alike including wings, chicken tenders, Jumbo pretzels, and French Fries. We even have our own pizza oven to bring delicious, freshly baked pizza.


Rebounderz Grand Rapids brings to you a completely new gaming experience in a state of the art Virtual Reality system. This is the most immersive VR experience available today, meaning you will fully feel as if you are one with the game as you twist, turn, and dodge to make game moves. Dive into a virtual puzzle, game of strategy, or a more physically demanding game of skill.  It has four different stations so that four people can play at one time. Friends can participate as they wait their turn by watching the game play out on the nearby big screen TVs. Come see this outstanding new look into the future for yourself at Rebounderz Grand Rapids.
Not included in jump passes, must purchase VR separate at the counter. Varying levels of age-appropriate games. Please verify that your game selection is appropriate at purchase.