Trampoline Arena

Children’s fitness is important to us. We believe in creating opportunities to keep kids occupied and entertained while burning energy in a fun-filled way! Jump the day away in our massive trampoline park! Rebounderz builds the highest quality trampolines in the industry with a laser focus on jumper Safety.

Rebounderz Franchise and Development, Inc. is the only corporation in the United States to hold a patent on a Trampoline Arena. The company’s unique Exoskeleton design made the patent possible. The Trampoline Arena designed by Rebounderz is a solid, rigid-walled, freestanding structure and provides a sturdier and longer lasting jumping environment. The superior engineering of their structure, now bolstered by the issuance of several U.S. patents, coupled with quality safety padding, procedures, and personnel has placed Rebounderz trampoline parks in a class of their own.

Safety is what separates us from any and all competitors. Rebounderz takes pride in ensuring that our Sacramento Indoor Trampoline Arena is the safest trampoline environment for everyone. From our safety equipment to our highly trained staff, a safer trampoline experience does not exist!
Walk in or book in advance knowing that you are safe in our well-trained hands.

Ninja Warrior Elevated Course and Ninja Warrior Floor Course

You know the show… you’ve heard the buzz…now we are proud to announce the Rebounderz Ninja Warrior Course has arrived! We present three lanes with different activities for adults and kids: including quad steps, hanging doors, swing to cargo netting, hanger with pegs, slack line, warped walls, and much more! Test your agility and skill while having fun with friends and get exercise! Hard-core training for adults; great motor-skill training for kids! We have also created a challenging, but fun floor-level Ninja Warrior obstacle course suitable for 4-year-olds to 10-year-olds. Now there are obstacles for our youngest Rebounderz Ninjas!

JumpXtreme Tower

Our tower platform is raised 14 feet above the ground and allows our guests to take a leap onto our custom-designed, inflated landing surface. Test your fear of heights in a safe environment! Tummy fluttering at its best.

In-The-Air Dodgeball

This isn’t the dodgeball you remember from your childhood….it’s AirXponentially better! As you “Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge” off the walls and beds of our trampolines, you realize it’s a whole new game!

Air Pit

Don’t miss our 4-lane air pit filled! We are the second Rebounderz location to add this innovative attraction that evolves beyond the classic foam pit attraction. The deck of our air pit sits five feet off the ground with our massive state-of-the-art airbag firmly secured to the ground with safety netting surrounding the sides of the bag. Superior engineered for maximum fun & maximum safety!

Trampoline Basketball Slam

Take flight on our Basketball Slam and feel like a superstar. Soar to new heights as you imitate your favorite basketball stars! Jordan, Kobe, Wade…which one will you be? Compete side by side with your friends to see who can take it to the next level.

This station uses padded rims for comfort and soft basketballs for easy grip and palm action. Basketball Slam does not cost extra; it is included in your jump time! Check our website weekly for special announcements and Slam Dunk Contests with prizes to follow. Start Slamming today!

Indoor Playground (opens December 1st 2018)

Kids ages 0 to 10 years are welcome to burn off energy in our indoor park! The enormous play structure is for kids 4 to 10 years and there is an adjacent, separate toddler park for the little ones under four! With tunnels, tubes, slides, and a Spider Climb, hours can be spent in here! These playgrounds are fun to include in kid’s birthdays or any day!

Rock Climbing Walls (Spring 2019)

Ready, set, climb! Challenge yourself to reach for the peak of our Rock Climbing Walls! Built with safety in mind, you will be securely harnessed for your climb, and able to enjoy multiple paths to try to test your limits and see how far you can climb.

Arcade and Redemption Prizes

Take a break from jumping in our premiere trampoline park arena and play some good old-fashioned Arcade games! Enjoy Family Arcade games new and old with over 35 games to choose from! We’ve got Air Hockey, Skee Ball, Kung Fu Panda, Car Racing, NBA Hoops, Aliens, Guitar Hero, as well as Pac Man, Street Fighter 2, and more oldies but goodies!

We have a fully stocked redemption counter for everyone to cash in on their arcade points and bring home toys to remember their epic wins! Check out our photo booth too!

Cafe and Free Wifi

We have a full-service café and lots of seating! Our café includes coffee, pizza, hot dogs, fountain drinks, ice cream, grab and go items! We have plenty of seating in our café. Come for lunch, dinner, or just a quick snack while children burn off their energy!

On our second level, outside our birthday party rooms, and overlooking our trampoline arena is our free Wi-Fi parent’s lounge. Here, adults can meet with friends, work on the computer, or just relax with a bird’s-eye view of their kids on the trampolines and indoor playground. There are televisions that show what children are doing in all activity rooms at all times. Watch a Giants baseball game or keep up with your fantasy football league with our NFL Redzone broadcast in here! You can also get relaxing massages in our massage chairs.