More Fun Games to Play at Your Kid’s Birthday Party

In our sister arena’s previous article, Fun Games to Play at Your Kid’s Birthday Party they taught you how to win host of the year by planning your kid’s birthday party at trampoline park and how to keep cool when your kids look to you for ideas to continue the fun. We went over the rules of the games “crack the egg” and “poison ball,” which are both great for kids from preschool age to tweens. Kids have great imaginations that help keep them entertained for quite a while, but sometimes they ask you for ideas and that’s an opportunity to wear them out! Here are a few more games to help use up all their energy.

Bum Bounce

This game has two variations and is modifiable to the ages of the children you’re entertaining. Both of these versions are much safer alternatives to some of the other game ideas because it doesn’t require the jumper to interact with anyone or anything else. They are also pretty good workouts that will quickly zap reserve energy stores your children may be hiding for later.

Version A– Instruct all the children to jump for momentum until you yell “Bum Bounce!” Once you yell those words all the kids must land on their bums instead of their feet and continue to bounce from a seated position as long as possible. Watch those who land in a cross-legged seated position as it’s fairly easy to use your feet to push yourself back up, undetected, from that position. The last person to lose momentum and stop bouncing is the winner. This version is particularly useful for the little ones, and it’s entertaining for you when they look like little jumping beans popping all over the place!

Version B– this one is more appropriate for the older kids and can last quite a bit longer. Consider using this version if the children are a little older (8 plus) or have a lot of energy. The game starts the same as version A- have the kids jump to gain momentum until you yell “Bum Bounce!” However, this time the kids should alternate landing on their bums and their feet. If a kid double bounces, meaning they land on either their bums or their feet two consecutive times, they are out and if they stop bouncing, they are out. Last kid bouncing is declared the victor. This game is great because of the continual change of position and the little momentum they are able to regain with each foot bounce.

Simon Says

Go with me here. The benefit to this old classic is that it has the potential to go on for a long time. Have the birthday child start out as Simon and have them yell instructions such as “Simon says take three little hops” or “bum bounce.” If someone performs a command that wasn’t preceded by “Simon says,” they are out. When Simon says “bum bounce” the kids can actually play a mini version of that game! Every child wants to be Simon, so it usually keeps the group entertained until everyone has had their chance to try to trick everyone else.

As the number one host, your duties aren’t limited to creatively keeping the kids entertained on the trampolines, but all of your guests will surely look to you for guidance on what to do in the awkward lull after food is served, before the kids can safely return to the trampolines. Stay tuned to our next article about what to do then. When you are looking at booking your kid’s birthday party, consider Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arena of Jacksonville. We specialize in kid’s birthday parties, and never allow a dull moment! Contact a party host to find which package suits you and reserve your date today!

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