How Different Age Groups Can Use an Indoor Trampoline Park Part Two

Trampolines are For All Ages: Adult Edition

In past blogs, we discussed how trampolining can be a fun and productive activity for young children. With trampolines, toddlers can build essential muscles for walking and learn important concepts like object permanence. However, trampolines are useful for all ages — not just young children. Adults can benefit from trampolines, too!

In this blog, we will discuss how trampolines are useful for adults, especially parents. After all, the life of an adult can be full of stress. Sometimes, a grown person needs to jump around a bit to loosen all of their tension and regain a sense of perspective. Luckily, trampolining is the best way to do this.

A Boost of Dopamine

Trampolines naturally help you boost dopamine levels in your brain. When you rebound on a trampoline, your brain and body get excited. As you are lifted into the air, your body free falls back to the trampoline. For a moment, your body feels almost weightless and free. In the few moments when you are jumping, your body releases the chemical, dopamine. Dopamine is the endorphin responsible for feelings of happiness and alertness. While you have a spike of dopamine in your system, you will feel more lighthearted and be more alert to stimuli. When this happens, you will be able to bounce more, and higher.

As a parent, there are a lot of reasons why a dopamine boost would be inviting. For one, being a parent can be stressful. Why? Because responsibility is stressful. As a parent, your children are solely your responsibility. Their livelihood is purely on you, and that can be exceptionally stressful for some parents. Mothers and fathers that feel a sense of pressure to perform like a super parent can run themselves “into the ground.” Social pressures and self-inflicted pressures can take a toll, which can affect some parents enough to depress them.

Because of this, trampolines are an important resource to cope with stress and feelings of sadness. Though life isn’t predictable, it can be helped. If you are going through a rough time at work or within your own family, using helpful resources can make any situation much better. At an indoor trampoline park, you will be able to bounce the afternoon away and enjoy yourself while at our park. By bouncing with your children, you can give everyone a memorable afternoon that will aid your mental health.

Bonding With Your Kids

Rebounding is great for your mental health, but also your kids’ mental health as well. Rebounderz is like a child’s wonderland. Here, your children can play with you and other children their age. At Rebounderz, we offer you a space to communicate and bond with your children in a safe and controlled environment. It is rare that you will ever have a time scheduled that you and your children can share your undivided attention with each other. While rebounding on a trampoline, you and your children can enjoy the benefits of bouncing together. And, Rebounderz isn’t restricted to just our trampolines arena. At our indoor trampoline parks, we also have other attractions like a dodgeball court and obstacle courses.

Not only will you be encouraging your children to play and be active, but you will be allowing your children to play with you. Many parents find playing with their children difficult because they are either out of shape or have physical issues that keep them from getting too carried away. With a trampoline park, even serious ailments aren’t as severe. No matter your size or physical condition, you will be able to play with your children in a way that is fun and safe for all of you.

Building Important Muscles

As stated, Rebounderz is for everyone — no matter the age. Adults sometimes believe that because they are older and more mature, that they have no need to play with their children. This, of course, is very false. However, some adults can also form the excuse that they are too out of shape to play with their children. At Rebounderz, you can be a little out of shape and still have a great time. Because trampolines are made of an extra-thick elastic material, they can handle quite a bit of weight. Best of all, trampolines don’t require a lot of movement. But, despite not needing so much movement, trampolines are a great workout regardless. How?

When you jump, your body naturally moves to balance itself. While you are bouncing on a trampoline,
your body is tightening and straightening itself out consistently. This gives your muscles a great workout and allows you not to get overtired too quickly.

Also, because you are bouncing up and down on a trampoline, your body is building essential muscles in your legs. Part of getting in shape is just regaining strength in major parts of your body. With the help of your local Rebounderz, you can strengthen your legs in order to continue working out and staying healthy.

Rebounderz of Sterling, VA

At Rebounderz, people of all ages are welcomed! As a parent, we understand that life can be stressful and keep you from living the life you should be. Many times, you can get too busy and push important things like bonding with your kids or working out to the wayside. It is important that you realize that nothing is as important as building a relationship with your children and improving your own health. At Rebounderz, we welcome everyone of any age. Visit us today!

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