Boy’s Birthday Party Themes

When you have your boy’s birthday party here at Rebounderz in Grand Rapids, you can go wild with your birthday party themes. We know not all boys are Ninja Warrior or Guardians of the Galaxy fanatics, although we love those themes. We’re taking a broader approach here, and we’ve organized ideas based on other things that your boy might be interested in. We’re sure our list will spark the perfect idea. Once you’ve decided, give our birthday party planners a call. They’ll help you plan the perfect day.

Movie Characters

Minions—We have to admit it. We love the Minions. They make us laugh every time we see them, and we are impressed at every single Minions birthday party by how creative everyone is getting. Is your little guy a fan of the Minions? Well, then you can’t go wrong by including any of these ideas for their party.

If you’re up for a little DIY, one of our favorite ideas is the Minion party cup. All you’ll need are yellow paper cups, black and silver sharpies, and plastic adhesive wiggle eyes from the craft store.  

Step 1: Draw a black band about ⅔ of the way up the cup.

Step 2: Draw two silver circles, just a bit larger than the adhesive eyes next to each other, in the center of the black band.

Step 3: Stick the eyes to the center of the silver circles

Step 4: Draw a little sprig of hair above the eyes and a funny smile under them.

Voila! They are adorable. Use these cute cups for beverages, fill them with popcorn, or fill them with party favors and wrap them in clear cellophane for everyone to take home with them.

One more for the DIYer. How would your little guy like Minion cupcakes? Here’s all it takes.

Step 1: Make your little one’s favorite cupcakes in blue paper cupcake liners.

Step 2: Frost with yellow frosting.

Step 3: Add a marshmallow to the center.

Step 4: Fix a brown M&M to the center of the marshmallow with a dab of frosting.

Step 4: Draw a smile and band for the Minion’s googles using chocolate decorative icing.

There you have it. More whimsical Minions.

We Can’t Help Ourselves.
Just because we love the minions so much. Here are some other great ideas we’ve seen.

  • Minion bananas
  • Minion twinkies
  • Minion banana cream pie. Really!
  • Minion jelly bean jars

Angry Birds—Whether it is the movie or the video game, if your guy is a fan, they’ll be thrilled with this theme.

Start out with store-bought items. There are a ton to choose from. They are affordable and super cute. You’ll find everything from party bags and balloons, to stickers and themed plates and napkins at your local party store.

Here are a few ways to add your own special touch.

  • Bird and pig decorated sugar cookies are easy to make and are always a big hit.
  • Decorate red cups with angry bird faces and green cups with piggy noses.
  • Empty cardboard boxes are the perfect foundation for crates of TNT.  


Everyone loves animals. Does your little guy have a favorite? Or maybe a zoo or safari theme is what they’re wishing for. You can really go wild when you’ve got this as your theme. Here are some great ideas for animal themed parties. Some of these are DIY projects. Others you can find ready-made at your local craft store.

Animal-nose straw toppers. You can make your own, purchase them at the craft store, or print them out using this handy printable template. Either way, each partygoer will be transformed into a different animal when they take a sip of their drink. Now, let them use those straws to drink some jungle juice with plastic spiders and bugs swimming through it.

Here’s an easy one for you. Get a few foot-long submarine sandwiches, cut them into individual serving sizes, wrap them around the table, add two black olive eyes and a red pepper tongue. You’ve got an instant snake sammie!

Another easy to make treat is animal-shaped sandwiches. Use animal cookie cutters to create a jungle full treats that are just the right size for little hands. You can use those same cookie cutters to make animal-shaped Rice Crispie treats.

Our favorite way to work an animal theme into a party is with cupcakes. Here are some of the most creative ideas we’ve seen.

  • Use gummy worms and gumdrops to create octopus toppers.
  • An Oreo cookie and three brown M&Ms make a perfectly respectable paw print on top of a white-iced cupcake.
  • Cupcakes with topped with overflowing swirls of blue icing and a Goldfish snack cracker will swim their way into your heart.

Pump up your theme with safari hats and animal shaped balloons. And, for an easy party favor, hand out boxes of animal crackers with a plastic animal and thank you note attached with a bit of raffia.

Real life Heros

You can never go wrong with a party theme dedicated to real life heros. Firefighters, in particular, are popular with our partygoers. Here are some party ideas for the little hero in your life.

Given its popularity, you can find a lot of ready-to-go party decor and cake toppers for this theme, including:

  • Firefighter hats.
  • Fire hydrant-shaped sippy cups.
  • Themed tablecloths, invitations, and party favors.
  • Water buckets.
  • Dalmation toys and stuffed animals.

We always like it when parties have a personal touch.  So, here are some ideas to make the day extra special for your birthday boy.

Yellow, red and orange streamers are definitely right on theme. Use them to decorate the party room.

Sugar cookies and cupcakes make a great foundation for firefighter badges. All you’ll need is a little decorative icing and a bit of creativity.

Gold and red fire chief badges, personalized with each party attendees name, are pretty easy to make with a printer, colored paper, and red ribbons. These are always a big hit.

Cookie cutter sets that include fire trucks, dogs, firefighters, and hats are easy to find. You can go wild with these. Use them as templates to cut table-toppers out of construction pages. Make cookies with them, trace them onto paper and give the kids crayons to decorate their own take-home picture.  

Whatever theme your birthday boy chooses, let us help you plan your perfect day. Call one of our party planners today. We’ll help with all of the details. See you soon!

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