So Your Child Wants a Space-Themed Birthday Party

Space, the final frontier.  It’s no surprise that so many people are truly fascinated with space, kids included.  It’s one of the few unexplored areas that we know of and our knowledge of space and the beyond is constantly evolving.  As kids ourselves, we probably looked up at the stars and thought about how neat it would be to be an astronaut or become an astronomer so we could study the stars for our entire life.  So you probably shouldn’t be surprised when your child asks you for the perfect space-themed birthday party in Newport News.  

When your child approaches you about a space-themed birthday party, you may not be quite sure what to do.  How do you create an awesome space-themed kid’s birthday party here on planet Earth?  In the Newport News area, this is actually a pretty simple task; trust Rebounderz of Newport News to help make it an unforgettable experience.

Outside of hiring a plane to take a group of kids up and then doing complicated maneuvers, the closest you can get to experiencing weightlessness is on a trampoline.  Recreate the moonwalk when you book an arena party.  You will get exclusive use of one of our arenas where the kids can bounce around, pretending they’re Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin, the first men on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission.  According to Harris Schmitt, the last person to have walked on the moon in recent history, he describes the experience of walking on the moon to Astrobiology Magazine: “Sometimes people just want a description of what it was like – the black sky, the brilliantly illuminated slopes of the mountains, the bright sun, and then our Earth as a big blue marble handing over one of the mountains.  The physical feeling of walking on the moon is like walking on a giant trampoline, to some degree.”        

An Arena Party at Rebounderz of Newport News allows your child and their friends to bounce all over a large trampoline space, just like the moonwalkers would have bounced all over the moon.  In addition to allowing the kids to play on the trampolines, you can provide a variety of things for the party that will play upon the space theme.  

For your kid’s birthday party cake, you can tackle the solar system yourself or turn to a local baker.  Create a multi-part cake that includes all of the eight known planets for the kids to consume.  You could also consider making cupcakes with all the different planets on them and kids can pick their favorites.

At the end of the party, kids love to get party favors, and what better way to keep them thinking about space then space-themed party favors?  Put together a little goodie bag that includes a variety of fun, space-themed items.  Perhaps include lollipops in the shape of rockets and astronauts.  Consider adding in candies in rocket containers.  Some stores will sell space-themed paddle balls for the kids to play with.  And don’t forget some Earth or moon cookies that are sure to please.

If you want to let your kid’s birthday party continue at home, consider a movie night.  With so many space-themed movies to choose from, your child is sure to find one they love.  Perhaps offer up Wall-E, the original Star Wars, or E.T. for the kid’s to enjoy with popcorn before heading home for the night.

When you need help figuring out the perfect kid’s birthday party for your growing child, turn to Rebounderz of Newport News.  Rebounderz makes throwing a birthday party easy, and when your child is fascinated by space, let them have the chance to feel what walking on the moon might be like for when they become an astronaut some day!  Contact Rebounderz of Newport News today for more information about our birthday party offerings.   

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