Corporate Team-Building: Power of Play

All Work, No Play

Have you ever been sitting in a corporate meeting wondering why you had to be there in person, rather than read it in an email? You find yourself staring into space, daydreaming about all the other things you could be doing or places you could be if the presenter would just stop going on and on. Perhaps they are presenting content that is relevant, and in other circumstances, you would find intriguing. But, this is your second meeting today and your attention span has met max capacity. The proverb, “ time is money,” guides our daily work lives; productivity means staring at the computer monitor for hours on end, negotiating on the phone, hustling to meeting after meeting. Minds get bored, and we operate on autopilot, simply going through the motions, muscle memory shuffling us through the day. What can you do to engage employees and ignite that spark that allows one to turn the cruise-control off and be present and engaged?

Teamwork is a critical element to the success of any business, from retail sales to corporate law. Including an element of fun by harnessing the power of play can instill excitement and creativity in individuals, getting the proverbial juices flowing. Engaging groups in team-building activities offer a great return on investment by boosting morale, fueling passion, and creating a culture of belonging, which fosters collaboration.

Work Together, Play Together

Classic team building games have traditionally been played in the office, perhaps in the breakroom or conference room. Most of us have played the group challenge games at some point, such as making teams collaborate to cross pretend bridges or survive on fictitious islands with limited resources. These team building exercises require people to work together to solve problems and work toward a common goal. These are practical ways to get people thinking outside of the box and interacting with coworkers they may not otherwise.

As kids, we took a recess to give our minds a little break and our bodies a little activity so that we could effectively sit and pay attention afterward, recharged. Children find it difficult to sit still for hours on end to absorb new information and spit out new ideas; why are we suddenly expected to make it through the day without those breaks as adults? Somewhere in the process of “growing up,” our recesses got shorter and shorter until they were no longer taken. To bring back recess and recharge employees, indoor playgrounds aren’t just for kids! An outing to a trampoline gym can offer the change of pace needed to get even the shyest employee out of their shells and the grumpiest employees to crack a smile (have you ever seen anyone not smiling on a trampoline?) When people have fun together, it not only builds camaraderie, but revitalizes the individual. An active meeting reduces stress, increases positive thinking, and increases blood flow to the brain, allowing ideas to flow. Build esprit de corps in your team by remembering another old adage “work hard, play hard!” Hosting your corporate meeting or team building event at a trampoline park creates a different environment for staff to let loose and bounce ideas off each other… literally!

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