Don’t Let April Showers Rain On Your Kid’s Activity Level

Like the popular saying goes “April showers bring May flowers.” While this is a way of seeing the silver lining of the overall uncomfortable weather that is common in spring, it also suggests that things will improve once the rain clears and summer comes. Your children are much like those flower bulbs you plant in early spring and flourish in the summer. To ensure they stay active and healthy despite the inclement weather, spring is the time to get creative with activities to prevent young minds rotting in front of a screen. Here are some ideas to help keep your kids active, despite the weather.

Start your garden, indoors.

While planting an indoor garden is not a physically demanding activity, it is engaging and mentally stimulating. Planting an indoor garden also helps to teach children about the importance of patience and caring for a living thing. Once the weather clears, you can transplant the garden outside and you can watch your plants grow, as a family.

Find a new hobby.

Springtime is the ideal time to try out new activities with your kids. Let them discover a new hobby whether it is karate or trying their hand at bowling. Getting involved in community activities helps to keep kids motivated to continue to try improving to get out and do it! Plus, trying a new skill will keep them mentally and physically engaged as well as developing self-confidence.

Explore fun zones.

Fun zones, such as Rebounderz Trampoline Parks offer kids (and parents) a fun and exciting way to remain active and release stored up energy. Many fun zones offer a variety of activities such as trampolines, laser tag, and arcade games. When families explore entertainment centers together, it can help with family bonding.

Play indoor games.

You don’t have to feel obligated to leave the house to keep your kids active. While it is true that kids play harder and get more exercise out of play when they go outside, you can still keep your kids active and engaged at home with a variety of games. Turn off the screens in the house and engage in play. This can range from hide-n-seek or a scavenger hunt to making a fort in the living room.

Plan social gatherings.

Make keeping your kids active and engaged a community activity. Plan some social event such a sleepover for your kids and their friends or cousins where they can build forts and tell stories and giggle as kids do. You can plan dinner parties or game night and invite family, friends, and neighbors to help everyone combat the urge to curl up on the couch to binge watch television.

When the weather outside makes playing outside less than desirable, get creative with some indoor activities rather than hibernating until the storm passes. If you and your kids are the types that don’t mind stomping in puddles and dancing in the rain, then get out there and play. But, if you are the type who finds being soggy miserable, head to your local trampoline park to get the whole family some joyful activity! For a trampoline park near Jenison, stop by Rebounderz of Grand Rapids today!

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