How Trampoline Rebounding Benefits Your Child’s Physical Development

While jumping on a trampoline is great fun for children of all ages and the perfect way to wear them out, trampoline rebounding also offers some benefits for your child’s physical development. Here, we will take a look at some of the ways that bouncing babies can stimulate development and healthy growth.

Vestibular system activation.

The vestibular system is physically located in the inner ear and is responsible for spatial orientation and awareness. It works by collecting information and interpreting input from all of the other senses to coordinate movement, provide balance, and allow for spatial awareness. When the vestibular system is activated or stimulated through movements such as bouncing, swinging, or swaying, the brain becomes active, interpreting data and providing feedback about body relation to itself. Our vestibular system allows us to be aware of where we are in space and in relation to our own body. This is why rocking and bouncing your baby helps with development and as toddlers, jumping swings are encouraged. When your kiddo bounces on a trampoline, their vestibular system is stimulated and can help make their brains and their senses sharper. So, jump-jump, little one!

Improves balance and coordination.

Along with activating the vestibular system, jumping on a trampoline continually causes the center of gravity to change, which forces the jumper to use balance and coordination to rebound over and over. For children who have not yet developed good balance or coordination, jumping on a trampoline may help hone those skills. And, the great thing about trampolines is the “ground” is much more forgiving with its bouncy surface! Because bouncing is so much fun, kids are more likely to continue to try more than they would if they kept falling over on the living room floor.

Large muscle development.

When babies are born, they have no control over muscle movements and rely on reflexes for movement. As they grow and develop, their large muscle movements begin to become more voluntary and controlled, while still lacking coordination. By the time children reach toddlerhood, their large muscles are developed enough to be controlled, but are still immature and will take years to fully develop. Once children are able to walk and run, it is time to strengthen large muscles groups and help develop fine motor skills. This can be done through physical activity and developing skills. Large muscle development also helps with flexibility and agility. Just as it is true for older children and adults, it is true for younger kids —trampoline jumping is an excellent full body exercise that requires the use of all of the body’s muscles. So, get out there and jump for strength!

Cardiovascular health and development.

This benefit is no different for developing children than it is for any other age group. The heart is a muscle that should continually be challenged to encourage health. The lungs are powerful muscles that should be given the opportunity to be worked —completely filled and deflated through heavy breathing— every once in a while. Trampoline jumping is the perfect cardiovascular workout, in disguise! Jump for your heart, jump for your health.

Strengthened immune system.

It is true, exercise in general helps to improve the immune system, promoting healthier kids! Trampoline rebounding, specifically, promotes optimal blood flow which stimulates the lymphatic system, leading to a strengthened immune system. The increased blood flow also helps promote digestion and the release of endorphins. Difficulty with digestion may keep children feeling sick, and while it has little to do with the immune system, the combination of a stronger immune system and eased digestion can make your kid feel great! Endorphins are the “happy hormones” that can help your kid have a more positive outlook on life, which also helps ward off illness and disease.

Of course, there are some physical risks that come along with trampoline jumping —just like with any other physical activity— so children should never be left to jump unsupervised. Children should be reminded of safety rules and every effort should be make to prevent injury. Trampoline parks offer more safety, and added supervision, than a backyard trampoline. Always be sure to wash your child’s hands after leaving the trampoline, before they touch their face or hands —so, quick! For a trampoline park near Jenison, stop in to Rebounderz of Grand Rapids today.

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