Jumping is Great For Kids!


There are some things that kids just love, and jumping is definitely one of them! While jumping is inherently fun, it also has a myriad of other benefits. Read on to find out why jumping is so great, and how you can incorporate jumping into your child’s next birthday party!

Great Exercise

Even kids that don’t like the thought of exercise like to jump! Jumping is a great form of cardiovascular exercise, and is great for heart health. Parents want their kids to stay active, and if your child isn’t drawn to playing sports, trampoline jumping is a way to incorporate exercise and fitness. The best part is, kids won’t even know they are exercising because they are having so much fun! Jumping on a trampoline engages all of the muscles, and offers a full body workout while kids feel like they are just playing. With the epidemic of childhood obesity in this country, jumping on a trampoline can be one way to start incorporating exercise early in life and developing healthy habits. Jumping strengthens the core, and is a way to build healthy bones and muscles without the impact associated with running.


Along with being great exercise, jumping improves coordination and stimulates both sides of the brain. If your child plays sports, jumping can help them become a better athlete by refining their control over their body. Along with coordination, trampoline jumping results in better balance—helpful for both children and adults!

Academic Success

Wait, are we still talking about jumping on trampolines? Yes! The muscle control and coordination that come with jumping can help children academically, and the concentration found in jumping can help the brain focus and learn. When children have control over their body and movements they are able to put more attention towards learning, which will benefit them academically. Jumping, and learning new skills, can also teach that persistence and dedication pay off, which are essential skills in the classroom.


Sometimes kids just need a release for pent-up energy, and if they don’t get that it can result in behavior problems. Trampoline jumping is a great way to release energy in a positive way, and can have a good impact on their behavior. A child who is restless, anxious, and agitated often finds relief in jumping, and the increased oxygen circulation helps them feel more alert and refreshed. Think of how great this is at a kid’s birthday party! Instead of cooping the kids up inside your house and hoping they don’t start fighting, you are providing a place for them to move and get out their energy.


Trampoline jumping can have such a great behavioral impact because it reduces stress and anxiety. The repetitive jumping motion is a way to focus and relax, and to reset after a hard day at school. There is a calming effect on the nervous system when you jump, and it is a constructive way to channel stress. Kids sometimes can’t articulate their stress or identify their stressors, and jumping gives them a way to physically work through their anxieties.


Jumping can increase your child’s self-esteem through offering a way to set and accomplish goals and learn new skills. Jumping can lead to flipping and doing tricks as your child grows in confidence, and each new skill learned gives them increased self-esteem. Trampolines offer a safe way to practice moves that would be difficult on the ground, and kids are excited by how quickly they can master a new trick. The confidence gained on a trampoline can carry over into other parts of their lives, and can help them with friendships, academically, and can help them continually reach for new goals.

Social Skills

Jumping, and the environment of a trampoline park, help kids work on their social skills at their own pace. Spontaneous games, challenges, and play can help kids understand how to relate to each other and strengthen friendships. A trampoline park allows for solo play as well, and kids can engage with their peers at their own pace.

Immune System

When you jump on a trampoline, your lymphatic system is stimulated, which helps push toxins out of the body. Toxins are a source of disease, and detoxifying can lead to a better immune response and better overall health. A boosted immune system is especially helpful for kids, who are exposed to countless germs at school and can seem to be sick all winter long. Any way to strengthen your kid’s immune system is great!

Decision Making

A trampoline park gives kids a great opportunity to assess and manage risk as they learn their physical limits. Climbing, sliding, jumping, and dodging obstacles all help the brain learn how to assess risk, which can help kids learn how to make good decisions. The unstructured play that a trampoline park affords children is great for the imagination, but also for developing social and cognitive skills. Good decision making skills are crucial for children to make healthy choices throughout their lifetime.


While there may be some complex chemical reactions going on in the brain as you jump, the end result is that you just feel happier! Trampolines give kids a way to be happier, which will carry over into all areas of their lives. The endorphins released while jumping put a smile on everyone’s face, making it almost impossible to not be happy while jumping!


With all of the benefits that jumping gives kids, there is no better place to have kid’s birthday parties than at Rebounderz in Newport News! Not only are you providing a fun party activity, you will be increasing their physical coordination and balance, helping them work on social skills, offering a great outlet for stress, and even boosting their academic performance! If you are planning a birthday party, call us today!

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