How Rebounderz is Good for Your Sanity Part 1

It takes a special kind of parent to host their child’s party in their home: a brave one. Children are messy, loud, and have too much energy. You might have enough anxiety just taking care of your own kids, let alone 10 others. The idea of hosting your daughter or sons’ birthday sounds like a trial, one that would test your patience and sanity. But you don’t want them to miss out on their childhood. You are a good parent, and you obviously want the best for your child. Well, your Newport News, VA Rebounderz has your best interests in mind — literally. We have compiled all the reasons why it is better to host your child’s party at your local indoor trampoline park than your house.


The noise

Close your eyes for a moment and visualize your home. It is beautiful and serene — engulfed in a calm stillness. Now, forget that completely, because at your kid’s birthday party, complete chaos will ensue. Hear the shrill shouting of children and the sound of toys crashing, and perhaps, the sound of your favorite china breaking? Nothing can be more disturbing and anxiety-provoking than the gathering of small children at a party. They are always loud and are often not gentle with your things. Come to Rebounderz, where nothing can be shattered, and you can drown out the noises with conversation or even headphones.


Someone always get hurt

No matter what, at a kid’s birthday, one kid will always get hurt. We don’t understand what it is about children convening, but one kid always draws “the short straw” and either falls or bumps their head. The whole ordeal is filled with drama as the kid cries as if their leg was just amputated. Obviously, the injury is not that serious but naturally, you must call the parents and tell them what happened. Whether you could have prevented the injury, in their minds it is still your fault. In the eyes of the guest child’s parents, you were the responsible adult at the scene; therefore you should have rapidly developed six eyes and seven arms to ensure that their child wouldn’t have gotten hurt. The whole thing is a headache. It wasn’t your fault; accidents happen. But why would you want to bring that kind of drama into your home? Especially if you don’t have to.


The mountain of dishes

After hosting a child’s party, you can almost count on a mountain of dishes waiting for you at the end of the day. Enduring the party was not even the worst part. It is the clean up afterwards. You put up with screaming, crying, and mess, but now your real work begins — cleaning off everyone’s dishes.

Kids tend to be picky eaters, so there is almost always half-eaten food on their plates, not to mention sticky frosting from the birthday cake you bought! A little elbow grease is all that is needed to finish this job, but you are exhausted. You could have easily gone to Rebounderz and never would have had to deal with the mess of cleaning up in the first place!

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The “Birthday Hurricane”

Much like the mountain of dishes collected in your sink, your backyard more likely is in disarray, looking as if a hurricane just blew through it. Having children over for a party generally means that they had to have been entertained for a full afternoon. This could mean a pile up of toys you have to clean up by the end of the day. Worse, if your child was born in the summer and you decided to throw a pool party/water balloon fight, you will have to deep clean your pool of urine and will be finding balloon latex until December. Don’t do it! Host your child at Rebounderz!  Our facility is both fun and safe. Plus, you won’t have to clean your backyard after the party.


There are many different reasons why you should have your child’s birthday party at your local Rebounderz. We will continue our list in part 2 of this blog series. However, if we have listed off enough reasons for you to reconsider hosting your child’s birthday party, visit your Newport News Rebounderz online today! We can handle the chaos and give you and your child a birthday party to remember!

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