Superheroes Reign Supreme

With the rise of Wonder Woman and Marvel movie after Marvel movie cashing in at the box office, it’s no surprise that even kids have gotten on the superhero bandwagon. While superheroes have been around for decades, they were mostly geared towards teens and sometimes older. Young kids were not the typical target audience, even though they are all about Ironman and Superman today. And that’s probably a good thing. Superheroes are a great example of good versus evil where the superhero is often faced with a difficult moral dilemma along the way. Spiderman is a great example of this and how in order to do good, he struggles with his own identity. With so many options available for your kids to look up to, it can often be hard to choose just the right theme for your kid’s birthday party. Luckily, you don’t have to choose.

At Rebounderz of Sunrise, the premier family entertainment center in the Miami area, we can make your child’s day special and full of superhero allurement. All you have to do is give us a call to book our superhero party room.

When you book a kid’s birthday party with Rebounderz, you receive a private party room, jump time, pizza, and plenty of other perks that will keep the kids occupied for hours. And the kids will love the massive superhero posters all over the private room. In fact, we bet they’ll be begging to take a picture in front of their favorites!

It’s unlikely that the superhero craze will slow down at all in the future, and honestly that’s probably a good thing. With so many reasons for kids to be looking up to figures like Batman, Captain America, and Ms. Marvel, to name just a few, we’re happy to continue to encourage a child’s love of superheroes. Here are few reasons that we truly love this craze and why you should foster an interest in superheroes in your children.

Right Vs. Wrong

As we briefly mentioned above, superheroes tend to help show kids the difference between right and wrong (except Deadpool, he’s always the exception). Not only do they show kids the two different sides of a situation, but they often discuss the areas of grey that can come up too. Right and wrong isn’t always black and white, and superheroes can help kids to navigate this issue.

Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility is often hard to teach kids. Superheroes help to show that we all have a greater responsibility to those around us. Often dilemmas that superheroes face involve making more selfish choices or making choices that are beneficial for others. This is exceptionally important in an ever more intricately connected world. It’s important to remember kids are the future of tomorrow and helping them to learn about their greater responsibilities is important.


Compassion, and empathy, are extremely hard to teach children. More often than not, the best way to teach children about these traits is to show them through actions. Superheroes often have to show compassion to others, even the villains, and are the perfect example of how to act when others need help. If you struggle to teach your kids compassion, try Spiderman or Gamora for great examples of superheroes that show compassion and kindness towards their foes.

Inner Strength

While hard work can gain you physical strength, finding inner strength and acceptance is often harder. Superheroes show kids that there are many ways to be a hero and just because you may be different, or have different strength, you’re still important. Superheroes can really help kids struggling with identity and fitting in because more often than not, superheroes are the oddballs.

Sense of Adventure

Some kids struggle to find their playful, outgoing self that is inside of them somewhere. Superheroes can help ignite a sense of adventure and encourage kids to be themselves. Just like superheroes are constantly discovering more about themselves and the world around them, this can help kids to look beyond themselves in order to see more of the world.

Here at Rebounderz of Sunrise, we want to help kids find their sense of adventure by bouncing, jumping, and flying with their imagination. For the perfect kid’s superhero birthday party, turn to Rebounderz of Sunrise and book our superhero party room today!


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