Throw The Greatest Ninja Warrior Themed Birthday Party

Rebounderz in Jacksonville is the best place around to throw your child the most memorable birthday party ever. We’ve got the largest Ninja Warrior course in Florida, a trampoline arena, laser tag, mini bowling, and a tons of other activities.

That’s not enough to throw the perfect Ninja Warrior party. You need a little more to make it the real deal.

You don’t have to break the bank though. You can make the most of your Ninja Warrior theme without spending an arm and a leg.

Here are some tips for making your little one’s special day a treasured family memory.

Ninja Warrior Invitations

Start out right with invitations that summon those who are brave enough to come and brave the Ninja Warrior challenge. Do-it-yourself invitations, printed on your home printer, are a great and inexpensive place to start. There are dozens of templates available for free download online, and if you’re willing to spend just a little, there are hundreds available for a very small fee. If you are super creative, you can even customize them. If do-it-yourself isn’t something you are up for, you’ll find a lot of on-theme invitations available at your local party store. Ninja Warrior parties are the latest and greatest thing, so everyone’s got a great supply to choose from.

Ninja Warrior Prizes

One of our favorite ideas is baking sugar cookies and using colored icing to paint them with a Ninja Warrior theme and message. If you poke a hole in your cookies before you bake them, you can run a string through them and if the kids don’t gobble them up right away, they can wear their prize around their neck.

Ninja Warrior Cupcakes

You’ll find tons of cake toppers to match your theme, but we love the idea of cupcakes. Ninja Warrior cupcake holders are fantastic. Or you can use the same strategy you took with the cookies, and decorate your cupcakes with your theme using colored icing.

Ninja Warrior Table Decor

From table runners to warrior-shaped cups with straws that the kids can take home with them, we’ve seen it all. Ninja stickers are a huge hit with younger kids. Let’s not lie, the older kids kind of like them too. Ninja temporary tattoos, wrist bands, and mini-ninja figures are all fun. Display them on the table, and let the kids take them all home. Less clean up for you!

Ninja Warrior Headbands

The kids will love these. Just cut pieces of felt into long strips and decorate them with each child’s name. They can wear them while running the Rebounderz course, and they’ll feel like real ninjas.

Ninja Legos

We love Ninja Legos. And kids love them too. You can build a whole theme around Ninja Legos. Use a Lego set to decorate the table and give them away as party favors. The simple design of Ninja Legos makes decorating your cake or cupcakes a breeze. We’ve even seen creative lego ninjas carved out of watermelons!

Whatever kind of Ninja Warrior theme you choose, you can’t find a better place to hold your party than Rebounderz in Jacksonville. Give us a call, and stop by to check out our Ninja Warrior course, laser tag, trampoline arena and other activities. We’re absolutely certain that your little ninjas will love it! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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