Why Laser Tag is the Best for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Your kid attends dozens of birthday parties a year. Each family wants to win at parenting and throw the biggest and the best party of the year. Really, it comes down to making your kid’s birthday party one that they will remember throughout all the others, at least until next year! Kids are simple; they don’t care about hor ‘d oeuvres or what the gift wrap looked like. All they care about is having fun with (and one-upping) their friends. Make it a special day by incorporating their favorite games into their party. Laser tag is a great option for your kid’s birthday party for many reasons, and hosting their party at a laser tag arena will leave you as their birthday party hero!

Active Entertainment

Laser tag is a great way to get your child and their friends to avoid screens as entertainment for a few hours and run around instead. Laser tag is a very engaging game, requiring competitors to run around for the duration of the game. If you play at an indoor laser tag playground, there may be obstacles to navigate, allowing for climbing and other navigation techniques that burn up energy. Not only does laser tag provide an activity that parallels exercise that is necessary for a healthy lifestyle, it will wear your little ones out, making it a peaceful evening at home afterward!

Developmental Benefits

Children need to be stimulated and challenged to develop well. If your child doesn’t already know how to play laser tag, it will give them the opportunity to learn new skills. Laser tag offers the opportunity to use their critical thinking skills and test their reaction skills. Reloading the weapons and being surrounded by the opposing team also helps develop problem solving skills. Teamwork is a critical element to the development of your child, and engaging in team activities helps to practice this skill. Team sports offer a competitive way to teach your child confidence (and if they lose, humility).

Out of the House


The best part about hosting your kid’s birthday party at a laser tag venue is it won’t be at your house! That eliminates the need for pre and post party clean-up for you. Hosting at a laser tag arena also reduces the amount of entertaining you are responsible for. Set the date, book the venue, and let the guests be entertained by the facility. Most indoor laser tag event centers offer kid’s birthday party package deals that include party set-up, hosting, and clean-up, so that you can enjoy a game of laser tag with your children and party guests.


At Rebounders Xtreme Fun Center of Jacksonville, we take care of all your kid’s birthday party needs and have an amazing multi-room, multi-level laser tag arena. Our laser tag battlefield features iCombat tactical weaponry and special effects, bringing our combat zone to life! Also try out our challenging laser maze! Both attractions are included with our Ultimate Party birthday party package. Call to reserve your date today!

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