10 Crazy Trampoline Facts You Might Not Know

Trampolines are a blast! Sure, we may be a bit biased here at Rebounderz Lansdale, but there’s a lot to love about trampolines. There’s a lot of surprising things you might not know about trampolines and the awesome benefits they provide. Let’s check some out, shall we?

-Efficient Exercise

Astronauts go through incredibly grueling training to prepare themselves for the rigors of space. They have to make sure their bodies are in peak physical shape so they can handle whatever their trip into orbit might throw at them. So when NASA says that rebound exercise like jumping on a trampoline is the most efficient and effective form of exercise, you know they’re on point. Their study showed that 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline was a more effective workout than 30 minutes of running. That’s right, trampolines have the astronaut seal of approval!

-Improved Motor Skills

One of the reasons trampolining is such an effective exercise is how much it involves your whole body. Every body part is in use when on a trampoline, working in unison to elevate you higher and higher. Because of that, motor skills gain a huge boost. This is especially helpful in children with developing skills. That means it’s also hugely effective in physical therapy treatment for children with special needs. It also helps with muscle development, strengthening bones, and reinforcing joints.

-Improved Coordination and Balance

Since your whole body is working together while you’re jumping, it helps to improve the coordination of moving more than one body part at once. That’s incredibly helpful with young children to gain a better understanding of their range of motion. Additionally, jumping on a trampoline constantly shifts your center of gravity. When you experience this, you have to adjust your positioning in the air to ensure a safe landing. This helps develop better balance for everyday life.

-Stress Relief

At our core as humans, it’s impossible not smile when jumping up and down on a trampoline. The feeling of weightlessness, even for a second, can remove a lot of worries that may be weighing heavy on your mind. The combination of concentration, fun, and repetition also make this a great practice to advance sensory skills. A trampoline is an exciting way to relieve the stress of the day and to calm down.

-Improved Kids’ Behavior

Sure, it may sound crazy, but it’s true! Kids can show much more positive behavior after jumping on a trampoline. It gives them a fun way to expend built up energy, helping to divert their attention from possibly destructive behavior. It will also increase circulation of oxygen through their bloodstream and to their brain, which helps to make them more alert and refreshed, improving their ability to concentrate along the way.

-Engaged Education

With improved behavior, concentration, and a lack of anxiety, trampolines present a fantastic opportunity for learning. Implementing the trampoline to facilitate education is quite effective. Games that involve counting, color and shape recognition, or following instructions (like Simon Says) engage children in the process of learning in a fun and healthy way that they’ll love.

-Academic Success

Many people may be shocked to learn about the connection between body control and childhood learning. With better coordination and concentration, learning becomes much easier for children to handle. As such, jumping on a trampoline and developing these skills will give them a better chance at future academic success.

-Confidence Building

As a kid, it can be scary to try new things. Physical activities they’re not familiar with can feel incredibly dangerous. With proper safety precautions in place, a trampoline can be a safe place to learn new activities. Thanks to the instant success and satisfaction provided by trampolining, it will help build their confidence in their ability to do something that’s equal parts scary and thrilling. That can then be carried over into their daily lives when approached with a new activity.

-Improved Immune System

While it’s not the same as taking vitamins or eating healthy, trampolines can actually promote immune system health. When you rebound on a trampoline, your internal organs are stimulated and your lymphatic circulation improves. This helps push toxins out of cells to allow nutrients to come in. Jumping on a trampoline can detoxify your body and make your immune system stronger? Amazing!

-Improved Mood

No matter what age you are, jumping on a trampoline is inherently fun. Weightlessness feels exhilarating and motivates you to spring up higher and higher to make it last longer. The increased circulation of oxygen will also help release naturally mood-boosting endorphins. Lift your spirits while you lift off into the air!

Trampolines aren’t just a lot of fun. They can improve your life in more ways than you would think. If you want to join in the fun, call us at Rebounderz in Lansdale today to schedule your jumping time. We want to put a spring in your step!

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