3 After School Activities for Your Kid

If you have kids, you know it can be hard to find good activities for them to participate in after school. What do most kids do when they get home from school? Most kids may drop their backpack and then head straight for the TV to sit and watch something until dinner time. While it shouldn’t be expected that kids jump straight into their homework the second they get home, sitting in front of the TV or playing video games isn’t necessarily the best option after a day of sitting at a desk. For kids to stay healthy, they need an active, positive outlet that helps them to do something different from the school day without turning into a vegetable sitting on the couch. Here at Rebounderz of Rohnert Park, we believe that it’s exceptionally important for kids to stay active with unique play in order to reach their full potential. Try these after school activities for kids in order to keep your kids on the right track.

In-The-Air Dodgeball

From 3:30 to 5:30 pm during six week sessions, Rebounderz of Rohnert Park offers supervised dodgeball games for kids ages 9 to 15. Kids can participate and play to be the best in our trampoline arena. Whether they just drop in for one day or they come and play for the whole six weeks, trampoline dodgeball after school is a great way to stay active and let out all the pent up energy from sitting at a desk all day. All are welcome to come and play, and parents can rest assured that this is a safe and positive environment for your kids to get involved.

Music Lessons

Okay, okay, we know music lessons aren’t exactly the most active of options for after school, however, music lessons or better yet, joining a local youth symphony as an after school activity can help to keep a kid’s brain engaged. Music also works very different parts of the brain than time at school typically does. If your child loves music and they become part of a local orchestra, then they can also help to build a support network with individuals who love similar things that they do. Supporting your child’s interests is exceptionally important.

School-Sponsored Team Sports

Once your child gets into high school, it’s easy to support their involvement in school-sponsored sports teams. From swimming to basketball, there’s a wide variety of sports to choose from. However, these sports don’t last all year long, so it’s a good idea to know what your child may want to participate in during the off season that keeps them active. School-sponsored sports teams help to teach your child about perseverance and sportsmanship while helping them to stay healthy. The time also tends to be convenient because your student can go straight from classes to practice before coming home to tackle homework.

Here at Rebounderz of Rohnert Park, we like to help kids stay active and healthy. Let your 9 to 15 year old come join in the afterschool fun with dodgeball! Contact our location for more information!

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