Connect With Your Kids in an Age of Technology

In this age, we are constantly connected. We are “together” through the image on a screen or a comment in the comment section of a social media platform. It seems increasingly clear that modern technology has wiggled its way into our everyday lives. This advancement should be met with pride, as we have made innovations that most could never even dream of. The issue with our advancement in technology is that it has disconnected us from one another. This may seem paradoxical, but it is true. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American adults use their five hours of recreation time almost solely in front of a screen. Because TV and phone screens are taking up more recreation time, there is less time for other activities like enjoying the outdoors, playing games, and connecting with your family. Children often will follow the example of their parents. So, if parents are using their time in front of a screen, the odds are children are doing the same. The difference between the two becoming involved in our digital world is that one has already developed, and the other is still developing. Children need both nurturing from their parents and activities that strengthen them mentally and physically. Though it can be argued technology is mentally beneficial for children, the same cannot be said for their physical and emotional needs.

It has been found that recreational activities such as fishing and hiking have seen a 16-18 percent participation decrease in the last five years. Perhaps, kids are losing interest in fishing? Or what if the problem is deeper than we realize? What if it’s not a lack of interest, but an increase of distraction? It has been reported that children have been increasingly distracted by video screens, which steer them away from playing or exercising. On average, children in America watch anywhere from 30 to 53 hours of television a week! With not that many hours in a day, if a child is watching that much television, they obviously won’t have time for family time or exercise.

At Rebounderz, we hold family time and exercise in the highest of esteem. You could say, that is why we are in business! At our indoor trampoline parks, we provide all families with a space where they can come and connect with each other. Families can jump and exercise, as well as bond through conversation.

Being a parent includes a lot more than just caring for your child. Half the enjoyment of having children is getting to know them and learn about their lives. When you are bonded with your children, they will learn to trust you and respect your judgement. Because of this, children will learn to be more obedient and form a better relationship with you. Not to mention, that when children are allowed strong relationships with their parents, they grow up to be more stable and emotionally healthy adults.

It is best when you are bonding with your children that you participate in an activity that you all enjoy and can get something out of. When you play games with your children you are allowing them to not only develop brain functioning skills, but developing a beloved memory with you at the center.

If you live in Apopka, Florida, and wish to give your children a fun memory with you that they are unlikely to forget, bring them to Rebounderz! At our indoor trampoline parks, you and your children will have a wide-range of different trampolines and attractions to choose from. At Rebounderz, we offer you the opportunity to use all of our attractions, from our bouncy trampolines to our Ninja Warrior Course. This day of fun will last in your kid’s minds for years to come. Contact Rebounderz today to begin your happy family memory free from screens!

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