Why are Trampolines Bouncy? Physics Can Explain!

Have you ever been on a trampoline? Have you ever felt your feet hit its fabric and get lifted into the air? It is quite the experience! But have you ever wondered what makes a trampoline bounce? No ordinary fabric could launch a person several feet in the air with one bounce. So, what makes… read more

The Cluttered History Of Dodgeball

Everyone knows the game of dodgeball Whether it’s because they played it in gym class growing up, or they saw the famed Hollywood movie of the same name, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have some sort of fond (or perhaps painful) memories of the game. But where did it come from? The… read more

Host The Most Extreme Holiday Party

Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or a regular-old employee looking to boost your team’s spirit, you are probably already in the beginning stages of planning out your annual holiday party. From a catered event right in your own office to fancy dinners out on the town to drinks at the local watering hole, there… read more

Games You Can Play On The Trampoline

Kid’s birthday parties are all the rage. For the parents, it’s their time to showcase their love and admiration for the youngsters by throwing them a party that they’ll remember for a lifetime. For the kids, it’s an opportunity to play, eat cake, and best of all open up some brand new presents that your… read more

Trampolines: A History

Trampolines are a remarkable invention because they use both gravity and joy and combine them together. By jumping on a trampoline, two things happen; your full body is utilized in balance and your brain releases dopamine in your brain. This dopamine triggers senses in your brain and gives you a sort of exhilaration. So the… read more

Five Fun-Filled Kids Birthday Party Themes

When it comes to planning your kid’s birthday party, choosing the right theme is half the battle. And half the fun. Having an all-encompassing theme that your child can relate to makes everything easier; from planning the decorations to the cake to the wrapping paper to the gifts themselves. Many kids like to choose their… read more

Staying Active In the Summer

Every year, around the month of June, a phenomenon occurs; every child in the country leaves their school to go on summer break. Summer break is meant to be a time for recreation, a break from study. Unfortunately, for some kids, summer can be an excuse to sit around and watch cartoons for three months.… read more

Team Building Events with Bounce

At Rebounderz Indoor Trampolines, we offer a truly special experience. One, that will be talked about at every single work-related event for years to home. To Whom It May Concern: What Do We Offer? At Rebounderz, we offer to any business the chance to rent out our trampoline park for their use. This is the… read more

Unique Kids Birthday Party Places In Orlando

Ah, Orlando. “The City Beautiful,” is what they call it. It’s also garnered quite the reputation as the “Theme Park Capital of the World.” However, Orlando has a whole lot more to offer than high-priced theme parks and congested attractions. While many people tend to choose the big-name parks for their kids’ birthday parties, we’d… read more

How High Could You Jump on Another Planet? Part 4

We all learn about the solar system in school. In fact, it’s usually one of the coolest science units we get to explore. There’s something just fascinating about learning what is out there, right now, hurtling through space beside us. The different features of each planet in our solar system make each planet intriguing and… read more