5 Life Values to Teach Your Children

As you raise a child, there are many things you need to teach them so they are prepared to be successful when they get older. Not only does this set them up for success, but it also ensures they are a kind, respectful member of society. Today, we’re going to discuss five life values you should teach your child when they’re young.
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-Telling the Truth

One of the most important values to teach your child is how to be honest. How can you help them be truthful? The best way to teach them this value is by leading by example and being a truthful person yourself. Kids learn a lot from watching their parents, so if you tell white lies and half-truths, they will assume it is okay if they do it, too. It’s hard to teach a child right from wrong when there are exceptions to the rule or if you say it’s okay when you do it. The old saying “Do as I say, not as I do” only serves to confuse children, as it muddies the message you’re trying to get across.
No matter how big or small a lie is, being deceptive is not something you want your child to pick up. This extends beyond your interactions with your child, as they will be paying attention to how you interact with other adults. Show them the value of honesty first hand and teach them why it is important to be considered trustworthy. Explain how people can be hurt by dishonesty so they understand the effect it can have on someone. If your child lies to you, don’t overreact. Instead, calmly explain to them that you won’t be mad and that you just want to know what the truth is. Many times, children lie because they’re afraid they’ll get in trouble for something. 

-Doing the Right Thing

Whether you call this good manners or justice, it’s vital for children to understand why they need to do the right thing. When they do something wrong, they need to know how to say they’re sorry, but they also need to know why they’re saying sorry in the first place. Teach your child how to make amends with someone in a productive way. This will help them understand how to treat people fairly, which will make their interactions with others in the future stronger. From sharing toys to taking turns, an overall sense of fairness and decorum will help them in social situations as they get older.

-Taking on Challenges

When you’re a kid, every experience is a new one. While some are easy and exciting, others are scary and daunting. Encourage your child to take on challenges, stay determined about finishing them, and foster a desire to always get better. Avoid praising them excessively, because when it isn’t the truth, you’re teaching them the wrong lesson. Instead, give them gentle, but honest feedback. Give them words of encouragement when they attempt something that is difficult for them and recognize that effort. This will help them be more determined to try things that might not come to them easily.

-Empathy for Others

We’re all on this planet together, so we might as well be nice to each other while we’re here. Teach your child about considering other people’s feelings and experiences, which may be different from their own. Show them why it is important to show consideration to others, whether they’re family, friends, or strangers. Explain to them why it is better to be kind to people instead of being selfish about their own desires. This helps them be more aware of their impact on the world and the people around them, so they will be more considerate about their actions and how they treat others. 

-Love and Affection

Some parents believe that children are just naturally affectionate and loving, but in order for that to last as they get older, that love needs to be reciprocated. Show your child love, be open about your affection for your spouse (even when it makes them roll their eyes), and talk about the love and appreciation you have for your family and friends. It’s also important to teach your child how to love and care for themselves, as this will help them value their lives and experiences more. Small displays of love can go a long way towards helping your child develop their self-esteem while fostering their own desire to be caring toward others around them.

In our busy day-to-day lives, it can be hard to keep these life values in mind. But when you can teach your child about these values, it can improve your life as well. You will be raising a more considerate, determined, honest, empathetic, and loving child that you can be proud of. Another value you should teach your child about is the power of physical activity. Fostering a love of physical activity will help your child lead a happier and healthier life. If you’re looking for a fun place for your child to get some exercise, bring them to Rebounderz Trampoline Park here in Lansdale. Maybe they’ll test out their determination on the exciting JumpXTREME Tower or learn how to share and take turns on the Slamball Court. Either way, we know they’ll have a blast. See you soon!

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