How to Keep Your Kids Active in the Winter

In a digital era where people spend most of their time engaged by a screen, it can be increasingly difficult to keep your kids active. The battle becomes even harder in the winter when kids are less likely to be comfortable spending time outside. Don’t let your kids hibernate this winter; exercise and physical activity are important to maintain all year round! Here are some ideas about how to keep your kids active through the winter.

Rec Center Classes

Check out your local recreation center to see what classes they offer throughout the winter. Classes can range from dancing lessons to karate or basketball. When kids are enrolled in classes, it helps widen their social network beyond their family and classmates and gives them a structured schedule to look forward to. When your child tries out a variety of active classes, it helps them to remain active as well as teaches them new skills that don’t require sitting in front of a screen, which is important in sustaining long-term physical activity.

Trampoline Park

Although your backyard trampoline may be covered with a thick blanket of snow, you can take your kids to a trampoline park near you to spend the day rebounding away! Trampoline jumping is an incredibly efficient workout and a fun way to stay active. Most trampoline parks offer family discounts and benefits for being repeat guests. Get your kids out of the house and into a trampoline park!

Snow Day

If your local winter is plagued with snow, use it as an excuse to go outside and have a snow day! Show your kids how to use the snow to remain active. You can make snow angels, build a snowman, go sledding, or go snowshoeing around your house. For a day out, you can go skiing or snowboarding for an active day of snow play. Although the cold may keep your family inside more during the winter, it shouldn’t keep you inside all the time!

Family Game Night

Try a new, active, twist on the traditional family game night while team building with your loved ones and play a team sport! Head to the rec center or gym to play a friendly game of basketball, and challenge your neighbor’s family if you want! If you have the gear, host a street-hockey game or a football game out front of your house. Getting your family up and playing sports helps with your kid’s confidence and creates a stronger family bond, not to mention you can all have fun getting your exercise in and turning off the screens!

Winter is always a little harder to get your children to be active, simply because it is not as comfortable to be outside. However, with a little effort, you can help ensure that you and your kids stay active this (and every) winter. Teach your kids to be active while they are young to set them up for success when they are older. Staying active helps stimulate brain development and reduces childhood disease significantly. Don’t rely on recess or gym. Having children lets you have an excuse — not like you need one — to let out your inner child and participate in activities from your youth. For a trampoline park near you, check out Rebounderz today!

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