Different Age Groups Can Use an Indoor Trampoline Park: Part One

Trampolines Can Be For Toddlers!

Trampolines are for all ages. No matter if you are young or old, everyone can benefit from jumping on a trampoline. How do we know? Well, studies have shown that people from all age groups can benefit physically and mentally by jumping on a trampoline. Despite the assumption that trampolines are just for small children, there are actually many age groups that can gain something from bouncing on a trampoline.
In this blog, we will discuss how the toddler age group can gain mental and physical benefits from bouncing in an indoor trampoline park. If you are interested in bouncing in your local neighborhood, visit our website online and see if there is a Rebounderz is your area.

Toddlers and Learning Balance

It is often assumed that because a toddler is smaller and not at coordinated, that taking them to a trampoline park would be pointless. This is actually untrue. Toddlers, out of any of the age groups, have much more to gain from a trampoline park. For instance, trampoline help toddlers improve their balance. Because they are not used to walking on elastic, they will have to balance their weight. Best of all, because trampolines are made of stretch-fabric, your little one is at no risk of getting hurt.

Being Safe On A Trampoline

If you bring your toddler to a trampoline park, you may want to stay close to them. Some of the younger kids may not understand how jumping works and could step on you and your toddler if you aren’t careful. At the trampoline park, find a small patch of open trampoline space and place your toddler on the trampoline fabric. They might be a little overwhelmed at first, but eventually they will acclimate.

Object Permanence

As your child tries to stand on the trampoline, they may see the floor underneath. Trampolines are a great way to show your toddler the principles of object permanence. For young children, they will often not know that hidden objects are not actually disappeared, but just out of view. Typically, your child will start to understand this concept between the ages of four to seven months. Though they might be able to recognize object permanence, a trampoline is an excellent way to demonstrate this idea and make the lesson fun.

Building Leg Muscles

If your child is still having a little difficulty walking. Trampolines are a great way to help them practice their walking and develop strong leg muscles. As your child learns to jump on a trampoline, they will be developing their leg muscles. This can be helpful later on as they grow, so they will be able to walk, run, and jump for efficiently the more they grow up.

Rebounderz, Sterling, VA

Teaching your child is one of the most basic responsibilities as a parent. At Rebounderz, you and your children can enjoy bouncing on a trampoline together. Though jumping on a trampoline is fun, there are also plenty of lessons and benefits to the activity. Rebounderz gives you the opportunity to teach your children valuable skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. If you would like to jump at a Rebounderz near you, visit our website and see if you have a Rebounderz location in your city.

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