Bonding Experiences with Your Step-Children

Bonding With Your New Family Members

Nearly 50 percent of American families are remarried or re-coupled. Because so many couples remarry there are a lot of families that must handle the new parent/step-child dynamic. This relationship can be tricky, especially when the children are already grown up knowing and respecting another parent. As a step-parent, it can be difficult to understand the line between what behavior is appropriate for your relationship with your step-child. For instance, you may question how to punish misbehaving children, how to interact with your step-child in a conversation, and so much more. The relationship, as a whole, can be somewhat strained. However, there are ways to improve the relationship and foster a step-relative relationship rooted with love and trust.
In this blog, we will discuss some of the activities that you can experience with your step-child, as a way to grow a significant bond with them. We hope that by reading this blog, you can become inspired and learn ways to grow a lasting relationship with your step-child.

Choosing Your Family

Though family, in its formal definition, are relatives who share a bloodline, not all “families” can be defined that easily. It is commonly said that there are two types of family; one family you choose, and the other family you are born into. A step-parent and step-child relationship is family that you choose. Ultimately, it is up to both of you to create a lasting relationship with each other. If you are successful in creating a healthy and trustworthy bond, your relationship can graduate from a shy meeting of strangers to a parent-child relationship. Also, just because you are not blood-related, does not necessarily mean that you won’t be able to bond with each other. Chosen family can sometimes we as connected, or even more connected, than actual biological relations.

Bonding Experiences

The best way to get to know someone is to spend time with them. Just as you get to know friends and significant others by spending time with them, the same amount of attention and time needs to be devoted to fostering relationships with your step-family. When hanging out with your step-children, it can be a little nerve-wracking at first — especially when it is just you two alone. When a step-child is with their biological parent, they will be a little bit more reserved and have a sense of protection. But, in order to have a good relationship with your step-child or children, you need to spend individual time with them. For one, by having this time together you will see what kind of kid they actually are. You also will see how they respond to things away from their parents.
Depending on the type of child your step-child is, or how old they are, will determine what activities you can enjoy together. For example, if your step-child is quiet and timid, you won’t want them to engage in a game of football or any anxiety-inducing activities. If you are nervous about getting the activity just right, don’t panic. Luckily, you have their biological parent as a valuable resource to learn about the child and what they like to do.
Spoiling your step-child is an easy tactic to get them to like you, but that doesn’t guarantee that they will be comfortable with you. Buying them nice things is no substitute for a real human connection. The best way to get to know your stepchild is by taking them somewhere they would enjoy.

Public Parks

Public parks are a great place to take your step-children. For one, they are public and filled with many different activities. City parks will have pathways where you both can walk and talk, and even get ice cream. Your step-child will remember your effort more than anything else, so taking time from your day to put them first will speak volumes.
City parks are also a wonderful location to hang out because they also have jungle-gyms and other attractions. Depending on how old your step-child is, they might enjoy going to the park with you much more than anything else.

Theme Parks

Themed parks or restaurants are also a good choice. Theme parks have plenty of exciting attractions, rides, and foods to experience. Because these parks are so fun, your step-child will remember enjoying the park with you for years to come.

Indoor Trampoline Parks

Indoor trampoline parks are a popular outing choice for the summertime. Because outside can be sweltering, indoor trampoline parks are by far more favorable. Inside, these parks are air-conditioned and completely safe. Together, you and your step-child or children can jump on a trampoline for hours. Better still, some indoor trampoline parks have an entire collection of different attractions to choose from, such as Ninja Warrior obstacle courses, Xtreme Towers, and so much more.

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