Amazing Alternatives to a Kid’s Birthday Cake

When you plan a kid’s birthday party at Rebounderz of Rohnert Park, you’re opting for a fun, hassle-free party for your child that they’re sure to never forget. We take care of everything from playtime to pizza and private rooms. We even take care of all the paper products that you’re going to need to throw the party. We even have a great template for invitations that you simply print right off the website and send out! It’s that easy. The only thing you will have to worry about is showing up and bringing a delectable cake for everyone to enjoy. But what if you’re sick of cakes, and looking for something a bit different as a sweet celebration treat? We’ve got plenty of alternative ideas to the traditional birthday cake to choose from that are going to have your child licking their lips.

Donuts Galore

A delectable alternative to cake is to stock up on cake donuts and bring them in for a sweet treat. There is no kid who will say no to a donut if they get a choice, and they’re affordable and easy to purchase. In addition, if you still want to do a traditional cake, cook a bundt cake style cake and ice it with sprinkles to make it look just like a large-scale donut.

Cake Pops

Cake pops are a new take on an old favorite. With a bit of frosting baked in, cake pops are smooth and sweet. If you opt for a beach themed party, consider making little octopi or dip the cake pops in blue frosting and add a little orange goldfish for the outside decoration.

Decorate Your Own Cupcake

While you can get pre-decorated cupcakes, why not take a new twist on this old idea and let the kids decorate their own cupcakes. By cheap watercolor trays and fill each with a variety of sprinkles and candies that each child can add to their own basic cupcake for a fun birthday party activity.

Fruit Kabobs

After pizza and soda, it can be hard to hand kids more sugar in the form of cake. Instead of cake, opt for delicious fruit cups or kabobs for a refreshing treat. It will help balance out the meal and you still get to bring in a tasty treat. Want to be a bit more creative? Dip some of the fruit into chocolate for some truly delicious snacks.

Rice Krispy Treat Cars

Rice krispy treats are always a hit with any kid, and when you opt to decorate them to match your party room’s theme, they’ll be a perfect alternative to birthday cake. Create mini cars from rice krispy treat bars or shape different sea creatures if you’re in the beach room. There is no limit to where your imagination can take you.

When you book your kid’s birthday party with Rebounderz, not only are you opting for a great birthday party place, you’re also making your job much easier. Just bring the cake or one of the above sweet treats for kids to enjoy for dessert. Book your child’s birthday party today!

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