Here at Rebounderz, we are aware of the benefits of team sports. Whether you’re talking about football, basketball, soccer, or even dodgeball, team sports have a lot to teach. Here at our Sterling trampoline park, dodgeball is just one of the many fun trampoline activities we offer. Our dodgeball course is a blast, and we recommend that you try it out. Before that, though, you need to brush up on your game. Here are some dodgeball tips to help give you an edge on the course.

Know when not to throw

You might think that in a game called dodgeball, that it would always be beneficial to try and throw someone out. In fact, that is an easy way to get an out from having your ball caught. Especially when most of the balls are in the opponents court, you are extremely susceptible to an out if you make an inopportune throw.

Coordinate your attacks

It’s best to coordinate your team’s throws at a single target. Just have the captain mark a player, count down, and everybody throw at once. That way, the target is less likely to be able to catch or dodge the plethora of balls thrown at them, helping your team avoid an out while weaning down the opposition.

Throw in unison

You can tell an inexperienced team by how little they work together. If everyone is throwing on their own time, it’s much easier for the other team to dodge and catch. By throwing at the same time, or in succession, you are better able to control your opponents and the tide of the game.

Spread out your team

While you want to throw in unison, the last thing you want is for your team to congregate together. Not only does this cramp movement, and thus your teammates’ ability to dodge, but it makes everyone a bigger target as well. By spreading everyone out, you minimize your chances of a teammate getting hit and your team losing a player.

Throw at the line

The more distance a ball has to travel, and the longer it is in the air, the more likely it is going to be caught. The best place to throw a dodgeball is right at the dead zone at the line of scrimmage. That minimizes the distance it has to travel, giving your opponent less time to react to your throw.

Throw low

When aiming, go for the legs. A dodgeball is easiest to catch when it is thrown at center mass. By aiming low, the target has to move into an uncomfortable position to catch the ball, which increases their chances of missing.

Take out the best opponents first

Dodgeball isn’t hunting on the Savannah; you’re not going for the weakest link. The longer the opposing team’s strongest players are on the court, the more likely your team is to get outs. By taking the strongest opponents out first, you gain a huge advantage on the court. In fact, getting the best one or two players out on the opposing team virtually ensures victory.

Make use of the court

Hitting someone with a ball isn’t the only way to get them out, you can also force them out of bounds. Pay attention to when people are getting overwhelmed by balls thrown at them, and how they react, and you may just be able to force them out of bounds.


Hopefully these tips prove useful. If you want to hone your skills, take a trip to our Sterling trampoline park dodgeball court. We’ll be happy to have you! Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

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