Bay Area Winter Break Idea

Are you looking for something to keep the kids busy during the winter break from school? Check out all the great activities we offer and come and visit us over the holidays! We are located in Rohnert Park and convenient to Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and even Napa and San Francisco are just a short drive away. Make the day of it and head to Rebounderz in Rohnert Park. If this is the first time you come to Rebounderz, allow us to introduce ourselves!

We are a family owned business and put family fun and fitness as priorities. We do what we do with an eye to the family budget and keep prices accessible. We offer many programs and have some designed for just about every age group. Tons of fun, all under one roof for one price!

Ninja Warrior Course

This attraction was recently added and people from all over are coming here to have fun and challenge themselves on this course. There are three levels, so you can try them all or focus on just one.

Trampoline Open Jump

One of our most popular attractions, you can jump for hours at a time on our safe trampolines. The specially designed structure for our trampolines make them safe because they don’t shift around.

Basketball Slam

Who hasn’t dreamed of slam dunking a basketball? You can live the dream on our basketball slam area. Jump up to the padded hoop and slam that basketball at any adjusted height.

Extreme Jump Tower

Let the daredevil in your life have fun while you know they are safe. Take a jump off our raised platform onto the specially designed inflated landing surface. Gymnasts will really love this one!

artboard-2Indoor Playground

There will be days during the holiday break where you’ll be counting down the hours until school begins again and the kids are busy. Why not spend a day at Rebounderz letting the kids roam through our giant indoor playground? Designed for kids from 4 to 12 with a separate, but connected area for younger kids, the playground is 44 by 23 feet and is 19 feet tall. There are tubes, tunnels, slides, and a Spider Climb area. If you have a holiday birthday to arrange, this playground is included in birthday packages.


Parents and kids alike love the arcade! We have Air Hockey, Skee Ball, Kung Fu Panda, Car Racing, NBA Hoops, Aliens, Guitar Hero, as well as Pac Man, Street Fighter 2, and more oldies but goodies! Win arcade points to redeem at the redemption counter.

Air Dodgeball

A game of dodgeball on trampolines? Oh yes! Kids love this one! Soft balls on padded tramps make sure kids are kept safe while burning off all that energy! Grab a ball and hurl one at your kids! You’ll have fun, burn off some holiday calories, and make some lasting memories while you are at it.

Cafe and Wi-Fi

If sitting around while the kids play is great but you have work to do, grab your tablet or laptop and head to the Wifi Cafe. Get your work done and keep an eye on the kids on the CCTV.
If you live in the North Bay areas of  Sonoma County, Marin County, or San Francisco County, head over to Rebounderz in Rohnert Park for some family fun!

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