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Kids Birthday Party Ideas for Winter

Kids Birthday Party Ideas For Winter

Kid’s Parties for the Winter Season If you have a child born during the winter season, you may already know what a challenge it is to plan their birthday parties. The winter is often very cold, icy, and not appropriate for outdoor play. So, how can you still plan a fun birthday party in the… read more

How to Prevent Breaking Your Bones


Breaking Bones: How to Avoid It! Your bones are the essential structure of your body. Without strong bones, your body wouldn’t be able to run, jump, stretch, or even stand. Because your bones are so essential to your life, when they break it can be devastating to your life. For one, breaking a bone hurts… read more

Boredom is Healthy for Your Kids

Boredom is Necessary Boredom is healthy for your kids! We have all felt that nagging, empty feeling like there is nothing to do. The feeling is annoying, but little did we know boredom is actually healthy for you — especially for your kids! Yes, in fact, Gallup polls have found that one in five parents… read more

October is National Bullying Prevention Month – How Rebounderz Helps

October is National Bullying Prevention Month - How Rebounderz Helps

Rebounderz and Bullying Bullying, unfortunately, is a very real part about growing up. The strong will often prey on the weak or innocent. Because this is a fact, many kids grow up feeling alone or ashamed. Bullying can lead to low self-esteem, anxiety, and even depression in young children. The happiest childhood can easily be… read more

September is National Childhood Obesity Month

Blog - September is National Childhood Obesity Month

National Childhood Obesity Month Obesity in America is a problem, and it doesn’t seem to be going away. Though the United States is a champion for innovation, technology, and other astounding breakthroughs, it seems we fall short when it comes to general health. Obesity, specifically childhood obesity, is a major problem that our culture has… read more

Ten Tips for a Healthy Summer

We recently took a look at some of the ways that you can help your kid stay active this summer, but their health and wellbeing goes beyond that alone. Today, we’re going to discuss ten tips to help your child have a healthy summer this year. If you’re looking for a safe and fun place… read more

Keeping Kids Active This Summer

Keeping Kids Active This Summer

School is wrapping up, which means summer is right around the corner. You might be planning a family vacation at this point, or you might just be looking for ways to keep your kids occupied when they’re out of school. When kids have free time, they may be tempted to lay around the house and… read more

How to Teach Your Child to Problem Solve

child problem solving

As kids grow up, one of the most important lessons they can learn is how to effectively solve problems. Throughout every piece of our lives, we encounter problems that need to be handled, often times quickly. Everything from the tiniest of issues to big situations have to be dealt with as they come, so showing… read more

Fun After School Activities for Kids

When kids are in school, their time is occupied by reading, writing, and learning for the bulk of the day. While they may get some time to play at recess, they often come home with a lot of pent up energy from sitting around in class. Kids are hungry for fun stuff to do and… read more

Kid’s Birthday Party Checklist Part Two

Kid's Birthday Party Checklist Part Two

We recently started compiling a birthday party checklist to make your party planning easier than ever, though we still have a few more entries to tackle today. We’ll be looking at the final touches that you can put on your kid’s birthday party to make it a day to remember. One great way for a… read more