Benefits of Team Sports for Kids

Team sports have been a staple of American life for centuries. Healthy competition in a social setting can provide a host of benefits for young, growing minds. While we are big fans of the classics (baseball, football, basketball, etc.), our growing population of little ones may need a little more variety to keep them interested. Here at our Rebounderz trampoline park in Grand Rapids, we offer many classic team sports with a new age twist: a gravity defying trampoline course! Kids always have a blast at our trampoline parks, but here’s how they can learn and grow while doing it!

Builds Confidence

Playing team sports and building confidence go hand in hand when the spirit of competition is healthy. While putting pressure on kids can sometimes have the opposite effect, competition in a fun and friendly environment (like a gravity defying trampoline park!) gives them a chance to test, practice, and showcase all the fun new things they learn.

Starts an Exercise Routine

Regular exercise is one of the most important facets to healthy living there is, and so building up a good exercise habit early is extremely beneficial for your little one. Team sports are one of the best ways to do this because they make the exercise fun, rather than monotonous, which is the death of motivation for children. As a parent, you will appreciate the boost to the immune system your little ones get from team sports, and the extra stress you’ll avoid from potential sicknesses.

Builds Social Skills

Social interaction is becoming a bigger deal the more we move into the global economy and information age, and it’s also changing. While kids are no strangers to online interactions nowadays, opportunities for in person social interaction can sometimes be lacking. Team sports are a great way to force kids into social interactions, but in a positive environment where anti social behavior is less likely to develop.

Puts Winning in Perspective

Growing up is hard; kids start out with no knowledge of anything in a scary world, and constantly have to reevaluate their belief system to put things into perspective. Winning and losing are some of those concepts that can either be a positive or negative influence in a child’s life. Team sports teach the value of winning as well as the knowledge that losing is an opportunity for improvement. They also put winning in perspective, teaching kids that putting in your best effort is the most important thing.

Teaches Respect

Until advanced critical thinking skills can be taught, children rely on authority not just for learning but also for safety. A chronic disrespect for authority can end up causing problems during childhood. Luckily, the dynamic between peers, coaches, and referees in team sports is a great way to instill the importance of respecting proper authorities at an early age.


Here at Rebounderz, we are taking team sports to a whole new level! Not content with regular old dodge ball or basketball, we offer a trampoline based version of both. Not only will your kids have a blast playing these sports with a fun twist, but our referees will ensure they do so in a safe and nurturing environment. Give us a call today for find out more.

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