The Benefits of Video Games (Really!!!)

When you think about throwing a birthday party for your child, you probably think about getting them outside or opting for an activity that gets them away from a TV. We don’t blame you; we’d do the same thing. However, as much as we may fight with our kids over screen time and sitting on the couch playing video games, as parents, we may be picking the wrong fight. In fact, let your kids play video games to their heart’s content because when you look at various factors associated with video games, you actually find some rather astounding benefits. If your child loves video games, then we know the perfect place to host a kid’s birthday party just for them. Come to Rebounderz of Sterling, and enjoy our Xbox room for your child’s party! And if you’re not yet convinced this is a great idea, then here are six unique benefits to playing video games that will have you joining the fun with your child.

Improved Reaction Time

There’s a reason that more and more young individuals with backgrounds in video games are being pulled into the military or encouraged to become surgeons. That’s because kids who play videos games have improved reaction times over those who don’t. That means that they make better drone pilots, better laproscopic surgeons, and better engineers. Playing video games forces your brain to think quickly and react just as quickly, making it easy to manage these high stress situations well.

Improved Problem Solving Skills

Along with improved reaction times, video games also help kids to improve their problem solving skills. Playing first-person shooter games and other puzzle games help kids to think in three dimensions and work out various problems they may encounter. This can also help improve overall awareness and observation skills. These skills can come in handy for a variety of careers, including engineer, computer programing, and design.

Improved Eye-Hand Coordination

You might be surprised to hear that playing video games can actually improve a child’s eye-hand coordination, but it’s true. Even though kids aren’t actually outside tossing around a baseball, they are creating the neural pathways that enhance eye-hand coordination. This is because your limbs are actively doing something different and having to react. Video games are also thought to inspire kids to actually take up many of the sports they play in games. If a kid loves playing FIFA, odds are they love playing soccer in general too.

Improved Attention Span

It was actually discovered that video games can help improve a child’s attention span during a study using video games in conjunction with dyslexia. What researchers found is that a reduced attention span is one component that makes dyslexia so difficult for children to cope with. Playing video games actually helped to improve their attention spans due to the heavy action and constantly changing environments. These changes require intense focus in order to be able to follow the game without the reading challenges.

Improved Cognitive Function

As parents, this is one you will love to hear. As we age, our cognitive function can decrease. However, a study that looked at older individuals who gamed found that just 10 hours of video game play that included problem solving, puzzles, and other cognitive challenges had long-lasting effects on an individual’s ability to mentally function. These “brain games” can have effects that last up to several years. It is also worth mentioning that video games can greatly reduce stress for kids and adults alike, which also provides a variety of mental and physical benefits.

Improved Leadership Skills

Letting your children play video games may actually give them a leg up in their careers as well. While work and video games don’t often go hand in hand, it’s thought that video games help to prepare children develop specific leadership skills. Many games require team strategy or have rewards for meeting certain leadership goals. This fosters these things and encourages children to use their leadership skills to not just succeed in the games, but also in life.

With so many benefits from playing video games, why wouldn’t you let your child have their birthday party in the X-Box room at Rebounderz of Sterling. They get the best of both world with active trampoline fun and plenty of time to game away. Book your kid’s birthday party with Rebounderz today!

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