Perfect Kid’s Birthday Cakes to Match Your Rebounderz of Rohnert Park Party Room!

When you opt to throw your kid’s birthday party at Rebounderz, you’re choosing the perfect place for fun, safety, and a stress-free experience. You simply pick a room, invite guests, and show up with a cake! That’s it! Your child will have a blast playing with an all access pass for 90 minutes on all the attractions before sitting down for pizza, cake, and gifts. But when your child does sit down for cake, you want them to be wowed with a delicious and fun surprise. Whether you opt to order a Cold Stone ice cream cake through us at Rebounderz or you bring your own from home, here are some ideas on what types of cakes could match your child’s birthday party theme at Rebounderz of Rohnert Park.

Cities of Fashion Room

City Skyline – If your child loves fashion or architecture, pick up a city skyline cake. Pick their favorite city, like London or Paris, that has a distinctive skyline. If you want to do something closer to home, perhaps opt for a local skyline, such as Santa Rosa or the Bay area.

Barbie Cake – If you’ve never made a barbie cake for your daughter, here’s the chance! The cake makes up the bottom half of Barbie’s dress, and the best part is that you actually use a Barbie to complete this cake! Pick a fashion-forward dress design to go with the Cities of Fashion room.

Sports Room

Dodgeball – While you can always opt for a traditional sports cake, such as a football or a sheet cake with a soccer net, branch out a little bit! Opt for a dodgeball cake that has a target on it and use jawbreakers as dodgeballs that have gone splat against the target for a bit of fun.

Beach Room

Pineapple Cake – Yes, you could make a quick beach scene and cover a cake with seashells for a beach themed birthday party, but how much fun would it be to make an anamorphic pineapple cake for your child? This is an easy cake. Take a round cake and coat it with textured, yellow frosting. Add a face on the side and purchase a pineapple so you can use the top leaves right on the center of the cake.

Mermaid cake – Another option is to make a mermaid cake. This cake takes a bit more experience with cake as you have to create scales of fondant to cover the cake. You then make a mermaid tail out of fondant for the side of the cake! There are many different variations of this cake, so take a look for your favorite.

Pirate Jungle Room

Snake – This cake utilizes two bundt cakes. Simply bake up a traditional cake in the bundt cake moulds and once they are cool, cut them each in half. You then pair them so they make a wave and ice to decorate this jungle critter.

Race Car Room

Race Track – You have a couple of options for the race car room. You could always make a race car cake! But even better would be to make a number cake for whatever age your child is turning and decorate it as if it’s a race track, Hot Wheels and all. Your child gains an extra gift by getting to bring home the Hot Wheels used on their cake too!

Castle Room Party

Pull-Apart Dragon – With so many fairytale cake ideas out there, it can be hard to choose. However, one of our favorites is a cupcake pull-apart dragon cake. You use the cupcakes to create the back and body of a sleeping dragon and then sculpt the head and other details to go around the main body. No knife necessary, as you just pull apart the cupcakes and pass them out.

Unicorn – Unicorns are all the craze right now and you can do a simple and beautiful unicorn cake at home. Simply bake a two-layer, round cake and frost it white. Utilize rainbow colored frosting to create the main and use edible paint to add the eyes and mouth to the side. Opt for a ice cream cone on top for the unicorn horn!

Come celebrate your child’s milestones with us here at Rebounderz of Rohnert Park. Schedule your private party online with us today!


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