The Best Gender-Neutral Birthday Party Gift Ideas

If your child has ever been invited to a kid’s birthday party, you’re the one who has probably anguished over what gift to purchase for your child to bring. With so many different options and so many different preferences, it can feel almost impossible to find a nice, affordable gift for a child. On top of that, many trends are leaning towards genderless toys for kids so that toys and types of play don’t have to be for just for boys or just for girls. Don’t worry; the next time you see an invitation in the mail, or your child brings one home from school, you’ll be prepared with this go-to list of great kid’s birthday gifts that defy gender.


You can never go wrong with Legos. Whether you opt for a specific build kid or just a bunch so that the child’s imagination can run wild, Legos are a win for any birthday party gift. Legos do have a history of being gender-biased towards boys, but with so many different sets available these days, there’s something for everyone. If you really want to stick to a gender neutral option, pick from the Classic sets or the Creator sets. Double check that the Lego set you choose is age appropriate for the birthday child and you’ll be good to go!

The New Barbie

Okay, we know that Barbie isn’t exactly gender neutral, but with many of the changes the brand has made recently, they’re becoming a better choice all the time. Both their male and female doll lines now have varying body types, hair colors, and ethnicities so you can find a doll that any child can relate to. Even the Ken line now has three body types, six ethnicities, and a wide variety of hairstyles, including a man-bun. Take your pick dolls that are now sure to please.

Big Bag of Science

Science isn’t just for boys. In fact, science doesn’t have a gender at all. There are many unique STEM kits available that are both fun and affordable to give as a birthday gift. The Big Bag of Science is the perfect gift for any child six years and up. This includes experiments to make slime, water tornados, jelly marbles, and super-soaking geysers. Start off a kid’s investigative potential early with these types of kits.


You may remember playing with Play-Doh as a kid, and to this day, it’s still a great, gender-neutral gift. It’s a hands on project that lets a kid’s imagination explore. You can choose from any number of kits to best fit a child’s personality and interests. But honestly, just lots of different colored Play-Doh will probably do the trick.

Craft Kits

It doesn’t matter if it’s a girl’s fairy tale party or a boy’s sports themed party, craft kits are some of the best gender-neutral gifts you can give any child. From making spirals to sand jars or candles, there are many different craft kits to choose from. Not to mention they’re perfect for a rainy day stuck in doors too!

Coloring Books

Along the same vein as craft kits, coloring books and art supplies are sure to please any of your child’s friends, whether they’re a boy or girl. Pick cool animal or design coloring books over princesses and superheros, and don’t forget to include some markers, coloring pencils, or crayons so they can get started right away.

Card Games

Remember playing Uno, Go Fish, or Spoons when you were younger? Perhaps you still play these fantastic card games with your kids. Either way, they make excellent presents for any child. Just remember to check the recommended age range for each game before you purchase it.

Play Tents

This might fall on the bit more extravagant side, but there are really cool personal teepees and tents now available that make perfect reading nooks. Pick a gender neutral color and it will be the perfect addition to any child’s room. They’ll use it all the time and cherish it for years.


Who says that Nerf toys have to be for boys? While the packaging tends to lean towards boys, if you’re headed to a superhero party for a girl, you better bet that a Nerf toy would be a perfect gift. Along with the new Nerf toy, load the birthday kid up with plenty of darts too! Consider bringing several small Nerf guns already loaded for all the kids to start playing right away!

Stomp Rocket

Space and astronauts aren’t just themes for boys. In fact, they can be perfect for girls too! If you’re looking for the perfect gender-neutral gift that involves some sort of space theme or activity, then you’ll definitely want to pick up a Stomp Rocket. Kids will have hours of fun with this air powered foam rocket.

Easy Bake Oven

You’re probably going to jump straight to the idea that Easy Bake Ovens are only for girls, but hear us out. This toy was once solely pink and white, but has gotten an overhaul in recent years to become gender neutral. The sleek black exterior is perfect for any kid who loves sweets, which means it’s perfect for any kid. Trust us.


Being a parent, you know the sheer luxury it is to have peace and quiet at home. With so many toys that need batteries or make tons of noise these days, it’s hard to just let it be quiet. Puzzles are the perfect present for kids of all ages, no matter the gender. Take your pick from age appropriate options and know that your fellow parent with thank you.

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