Birthday Party Games for Tons of Fun!

When it comes to throwing a kid’s birthday party, it can often be tricky to keep most kids entertained in a safe manner. Planning a birthday party can be tough because you have to keep kids busy and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything, such as the cake. In order to make your life a little less stressful, let the birthday party pros at Rebounderz of Edison help you plan the perfect day for your child. We’re here to help make your party fun and easy; in fact, all you have to remember is the cake! But if you’re ready to hop in and help create some structured play for your kids here at Rebounderz, here are a few games that will be tons of fun and work just about anywhere! Keep reading to get in on the action!

Musical Chairs

It doesn’t matter if you’re at Rebounderz or at home, you can never go wrong with musical chairs. This game is great for a variety of ages and never gets old. Choose some fun music and let the kids have a blast. At Rebounderz, each trampoline pad in a circle can be a “chair,” and a child is eliminated when the music stops and there is only one person left standing. The last child with a chair or trampoline bed is the winner.

Hula Hoop Challenges

Hula hoops didn’t just stay in the 90s, kids today love them too. While cake is being served, have a hula hoop competition, and the person who can stay in the longest or beat the most other kids wins a prize. Have kids go head to head, this way, you don’t have to have more than two hula hoops with you. Also, if you happen to have a child at the party that just can’t sit still to eat, hand them a hula hoop and see how many seconds they can go without stopping in order to keep them occupied.

Inflatable Volleyballs

Who doesn’t love this simple, yet fun toy? Inflatable volleyballs can lead to hours of fun. From playing “Don’t Let it Touch the Ground,” to different relay races, you can come up with plenty of games to play with some simple inflatable volleyballs. For a birthday party at Rebounderz, set up some crazy relays that use only inflatable volleyballs. Each leg of the relay needs to have a different activity with it. Perhaps one leg involved a child bouncing the designated length with the volleyball between their legs. Another leg could involve two children having to bounce with the volleyball between them without using their hands. The options are truly endless.

Simon Says

Rebounderz is the perfect place to take Simon Says up a notch. With more options available on a trampoline, the kids can have a rousing game. Let one kid lead and say things like, “Simon says jump.” Or, “Simon says spin in a circle.” Kids will get knocked out if they decide to do a motion and Simon didn’t say to! Reward the winner with a prize.

Obstacle Courses

There is nothing wrong with a great backyard obstacle course, however, here at Rebounderz, we’ve taken the obstacle course up a notch. Instead of backyard games, bring the kids in to take on the Ninja Warrior Course at Rebounderz of Edison. Kids can race each other for the fastest time through the course in order to win a prize. This play time makes a great addition to any birthday party and encourages friendly competition.

Bobbing for Donuts

Instead of opting for cake, make the kids earn their sweets. Set up a fun bobbing for donuts activity while they’re out bouncing. This is a play on the traditional bobbing for apples. Kids have to race to eat donuts that are on string and suspended from the ceiling. The catch is that they can’t use their hands in order to help them scarf down this sweet treat.

Mini-Photo Booth

Lastly, a great kid’s party game would be to include a mini-photo booth in the private room at Rebounderz. Bring in some fun props, such as hats, boas, and mustaches, and purchase a Fujifilm Instax to capture some great memories of your child and their friends. You can even opt to create a scrapbook with the pictures that are taken, or give the pictures away as a party favor so kids can remember the great time they had together.

There are many different things you can do to make sure your child has fun during their birthday party, and sometimes, the games that work best are truly the simplest. Try out some of the games we’ve described and laugh away. But be sure that you book your kid’s birthday party with Rebounderz today! We’re here to make planning your child’s party easy and provide incredible fun for all ages.

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