Start Your Year Off Right With Rebounderz

Start Your Year Off Right With Rebounderz

Start Your New Year Off Right The New Year is coming shortly, and this can be exciting for many people. A new year means new possibilities, new beginnings, and hope for the next year. The meaning behind New Year’s can mean different things to different people. For some, it can mean that a new year… read more

Why Kids Look Forward to the Holidays

Why Kids Look Forward to the Holidays

Why Children Love the Holidays Directly after your Thanksgiving meal, there is a change in the air. Perhaps it is all in your mind, or maybe, there is something actually different ruminating around your home? Once the Thanksgiving turkey has been eaten, the winter holiday season can officially begin! With this, a new sense of… read more

Halloween Candy and Your Child’s Health

Halloween: Trick or Treat? On average, American Halloween goers will consume 3.4 pounds of candy over the holiday. That amount averages to about 7,000 calories. Candy is deeply woven into American culture, but how much “treating yourself” is too much? Today, America faces obesity epidemics for both adults and children. It begs the question, “Perhaps… read more

Ninja Warrior Course at Rebounderz of Edison, NJ

Ninja Warrior Course At Rebounderz Of Edison

Be a Ninja, Try Our Obstacle Course! Obstacle courses are fun activities for people of any age. No matter if you’re seven or 70, everyone can find obstacles courses fun. Whether you are participating or just watching, obstacles courses offer a form of entertainment that is hard to beat. If you are living in Edison,… read more

Keeping Active in the Fall at an Indoor Trampoline Park

Keeping Active in the Fall at an Indoor Trampoline Park

Staying Active in the Colder Seasons As summer draws to a close, we are becoming more aware that fall is just around the corner. Fall can be a great season; however, it does mean that colder weather is in our near future. Fall can be a difficult time to keep your children active, especially if… read more

5 Things Kids Should Know Before Starting School

Summer is in full swing and school doesn’t start for a while longer, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to get your child ready for their first year of school. Take these months to make sure they’re ready for what will be asked of them in school. We’ve gathered five things all kids… read more

6 Fun Games to Keep Kids Active This Summer

6 Fun Games to Keep Kids Active This Summer

With how much time kids spend in front of a screen these days, it’s important to find ways to keep them physically active. While they have recess and PE during the school year, summertime can lead to an increase in sedentary activity. Today, we’re going to take a look at some fun games you can… read more

Helping Your Kid Learn Through the Summer: Part 2

Helping Your Kid Learn Through the Summer_ Part 2

We recently took a look at some ways to help your kid keep learning through the summer and why it’s so important. Today, we have some of the best activities you can do with your kids to keep them engaged and teach them new things so they can avoid the summer slide. As kids grow,… read more

Helping Your Kid Learn Through the Summer

With less than a month left in the school year, many kids are already looking ahead to a summer filled with fun and excitement. While it’s great that kids get to take a break from school and enjoy summer days of running around with their friends, it’s important that they engage with the learning they’ve… read more

Great Opportunities for Kids to Volunteer: Part Two

Great opportunities for kids to volunteer

We recently took a look at kid-friendly volunteer opportunities that can teach your child about empathy and giving back to the community. Those opportunities include: Senior center Animal shelter Food pantry and soup kitchen Children’s hospital Local library Now, we’ll conclude our two-part series with a look at five more great places for your child… read more